Gayle and I are off on a road trip. We began Friday AM with a ride on the Lake-Express Ferry to Milwaukee.

Picture of Muskegon Lake Friday AM 9 16 22 – There were nearly a dozen of boats on the lake – I assume most or all of them were fishing.
This is the GLERL (Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory) Field Station at the Muskegon Channel. I use some pictures from the camera at the GLERL on my blog, facebook and twitter.
This was the ferry approaching Milwaukee. Milwaukee is the 5th biggest city in the Midwest with 577,222 residents, making it nearly 3 times as big as Grand Rapids. It’s the home of Harley-Davidson and there were about 2 dozen motorcycles making the trek across the lake on the ferry we were on.

We then drove west to Milwaukee.
Evans Scholars Class of 1973

There’s a reunion of my class (1973) of Evans Scholars this weekend. There were 18 of us originally…one dropped out, four have passed on and of the 13 that are left, 8 are here in Madison. Here’s a picture of 6 of us. We’d be 71 years old, give or take a year. Most of us are retired at this point.

This Saturday, we’re getting a tour of the new Scholar House and then, we’ll be at the Wisconsin/New Mexico State football game. Sunday PM we might go to the zoo. The zoo in Madison is free…and parking is free. I used to ride my bicycle (about 6 miles) to the zoo and read or study there.

Then we don’t know what we’ll do yet, but we’ll go somewhere…maybe driving north and eventually going over the MAC bridge. Nice weather here…partly cloudy and pleasant on Firday.

Bill with Nimbus, the cat

We have a cat-sitter…so our two cats at home, Nimbus and Sir Yum will be taken care of. I got the grass cut Wednesday, watered plants…we should be OK ’til the end of the week.