Oregon Tornado


Who’s going to take a bet that there would be a tornado at 11:15 in the morning on Jan. 21 in Oregon?

Oregon Tornado 1 21 20 in Oregon

The tornado occurred in NW Oregon, northwest of the city of Portland close to Highway 101 right on the coast. Here’s video of the twister. Several homes sustained damage and several trees were snapped or had large branches taken off. A fence was also damaged. This same area was hit by a tornado in 2016. That tornado was stronger, an EF2.

Here’s a story about 6 recent tornadoes that have touched down in the Pacific NW. The state of Oregon had 4 tornadoes in 2019 and 3 each in 2018 and 2017.

Also…heavy rains along the border between France and Spain. 200 mm = 7.87″ of rain! Heavy snow in far northern Spain near Andorra. Places that are as warm, or warmer than Jacksonville, Florida (32 F) at 3 am: Traverse City, Michigan (32 F), Denver (38 F), Great Falls, Montana (37 F), Calgary, Alberta (37 F) and even Juneau, Alaska (33 F). Icy roads cause crashes in Nebraska. The warmest high temperature in the U.S. on Tuesday was 72 at Death Valley CA – that’s a low highest temperature.

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