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Local moms and kids living in cars get fresh start, thanks to The Debroah Project


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)-Did you know that over the last 5 years housing costs have skyrocketed while wages remain the same, driving people out of their homes and into their cars? The Deborah Project is was created to assist single mothers, so they could create more wholesome households throughout the Greater Grand Rapids area. The Deborah Project consists of two phases:

Phase I: The Deborah Project

Phase I is the instructional and gratuitous component, called The Deborah Project. The Deborah Project began in 2011 as a reaction to a growing need to support single parent families. The mission is to see single parent families encouraged, empowered, equipped and educated. This is done through providing outreach programs to facilitate  single mother parenting skills, provide support in overcoming the challenges of raising children alone, and providing networking channels from professionals in the urban core, and surrounding Grand Rapids community.  This all done free of charge. ​​

Phase II: The Deborah House

The Deborah House is Phase 2 of our broader outreach program. The Deborah House is a safe haven for single/pregnant mothers and their children.  The project provides housing for young mothers wherein they will receive the encouragement, social support, mentoring, and invaluable education within a Christian environment.  The Deborah house seeks to provide a place of healing and comfort during the most vulnerable times of a woman’s life.  We provide counseling, educational programming, fellowship, and mentoring in a Christian environment to ensure that our families have every opportunity to thrive and achieve personal success.​

The Deborah House is a fully furnished home. The Deborah staff is devoted to creating a healthy, thriving atmosphere for our families. Single/pregnant mothers may stay at the Deborah House for a duration of one year if needed. ​

Criteria for Deborah House Admission:

– Must be 18 years or older

– Must be currently pregnant or have one child under the age of 5

– Must be currently employed or have consistent monthly income

– Must be willing to contribute to monthly living expenses

– Must be willing to participate in The Deborah House program

​Click here to apply online for assistance.

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