Lake Michigan/Huron Water Level up 3″ in the Past Week!


I’m going to do a full lake-level post (update this one) a little later on. I left Friday to get some pics. of the Grand River. The crest on the Grand is passed Kent Co. on Friday and is moving through Ottawa Co. and into Lake Michigan this Saturday.

I can tell you that the heavy rain we had certainly had an effect on Lake Michigan/Huron (one lake for lake-level purposes – that are connected up at the Mackinac Bridge). The lakes gained 3″ of water in just the last week! One inch of water gained on Lake Michigan represents 390 billion gallons of water added to the lake and one inch of water gained on Lake Huron is 400 billion gallons of water added to the lake. So…390 +400 x 3 = 2.37 TRILLION gallons of water added to the two lakes in just the last week!

The pic. above is the Muskegon Channel this Fri. AM – they are doing some repair work on the breakwater. I’d show you Chicago, but it’s quite foggy there. The wind makes a difference even in the morning at the lake. We have a light east wind. The temp. at the Muskegon beach is 63 at 10 am. At the South Haven Beach it’s 62. After the east wind crosses the cold water of Lake Michigan, the temperature is 50 at the Chicago Beach (where it was quite foggy) and 49 at the beach in Milwaukee WI.

I also updated the posts on the flood at Midland MI and the high water on rivers in W. Michigan. Enjoy your Friday!

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