Hawaii Man Survives COVID and Getting Hit by Lightning


If I buy a lotto ticket…I’m going to get this guy to buy it for me! First, Aumauinuuese Puni (age 51) was struck by lightning in April of 2020. He was on the roof of a building in Waikiki (island of Oahu) where he worked and doing a Facebook Live about the view of Diamond Head during some rainy weather. You can see the video here. His sneaker was scorched, but he was not seriously injured. The odds of getting hit by lightning in the U.S. are 1 in 700,000…even less so in Hawaii, where passing showers are more common than thunderstorms. In any case, he was lucky he wasn’t more seriously injured.

Then, despite wearing a mask and observing protocols, he got COVID-19. He was sick enough that he had to be hospitalized. Now, he’s back home and well on the road to recovery. He feels very luck to have survived both the lightning strike and COVID and he urges everyone to do their part to stay safe and healthy.

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