Hail up to Golfball-size pounded parts of West Michigan Wednesday morning (9 21 22). The largest hail report from a trained spotter was golfball-size just west of Cedar Springs and a report of 2″ hail near Mason in Ingham Co. Hail fell across S. Newaygo, N and E. Kent, parts of Montcalm and Ionia Co. and the Lansing Area.

My first thought was that I hope the hail missed the orchards. We’ve had a good year and a great apple crop that’s being harvested right now. I’d hate to work through the entire season and have the hail hit right at harvest. Apples with hail dents are good for juice or fruit roll-ups…but get about 1/4 the price of a perfectly good apple.

Of course, with golfball and 2″ diameter hail, we’d also be worried about damage to cars, windows and even roofs.