Dry and Pleasant Friday


The pic. above from South Haven shows a nice cumulonimbus cloud in the distance with the characteristic anvil. So far, this month of August has been pretty average. We’re +0.3 deg. for the month. The warmest temperature has been 89° and the coolest 51°. We’ve had 13 days this month warmer than average, 13 cooler than average and 3 exactly average. We’ve had seven 90-degree days this summer in Grand Rapids, all of them in July and none warmer than 92°.

Sunset at the Muskegon Channel after the storms

Here’s sunset at the Muskegon Channel after the storms. We’ve had 67% of sunshine so far this month…a little above average. The average wind speed for the month has been 7 mph. Rainfall in G.R. has totaled 3.41″ – almost exactly average to date (+0.07″). We remain +5.79″ for the year.

While Hurricane Dorian tops national weather news…the Emporia, Kansas Airport had a wind gust to 89 mph last night. A nearby personal weather station had 93 mph. Winds topped 70 mph at the airports at Hays, Russell and Hill City, Kansas. The 2 1/2″ diameter hailstone that fell in Reeman MI (south of Fremont) was the biggest hailstone to fall in the U.S. Thursday and probably the biggest hailstone to fall anywhere in the world.

North American snow and ice cover August 29 2019

Look close – there still a few pixels of yellow on the south shore of Hudson Bay. That’s ice. Usually it’s gone by now, but there’s been ice in the bay into the first week of September.

Ice in Hudson Bay 8/29 (from Environment Canada)

Also: “Arctic shipwreck ‘frozen in time’ astounds archaeologists.”

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