Discover the furniture that UBU loves

One of the things we are need in our homes is furniture but not all furniture is created equal.  That’s why you find furniture at so many different price points and, at different quality levels. That’s why we like UBU Home Furnishings so much. Almost all their furniture is made in America, and the store is locally owned.

One of the things that’s all the rage these days in furniture, is performance fabrics. Those are fabrics that stand up to stains, they’re durable, they have technology that resists odors, UV and fade resistance. UBU is big into this, because they know people want their furniture to last!

In fact, when you go to UBU you’ll see green tags, this designates a fabric as “Kid Proof”. They are Rowe fabrics and stand up to almost anything. Kid Proof offers the largest selection of performance fabrics in the market, with a focus on durability, cleanability and beauty.

UBU’s biggest and best sale is happening right now. The store is located in RiverTown Crossings Mall underneath TGIFridays.


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