GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – After visiting seven counties in West Michigan and talking to dozens of teens and experts Maranda has found that the best way to combat the teen vaping epidemic is to Talk Sooner. Kids and experts alike a begging parents to just start the conversation, be ready to listen and understand and help your teens navigate these unprecedented times.

It is never too early to talk about vaping and its effects with your teens. This special series of Where You Live is a great resource to start the conversation and educated teens, parents, teachers and more. As we have said all along, this is just the start of the conversation and it is only going to keep going if you keep talking. So, talk loud, talk proud and talk sooner!

If you want to watch digital special in full click here: Talk Sooner: The Truth about Youth Vaping. Tune in whenever you can and learn all about the effects of vaping.

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