GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – As the third part to her series, Maranda sat down with a local teen to hear their personal journey with vaping addiction and how it turned into much more. From running high school track, to falling in with the wrong crowd and saying yes to something her did not want to do, he found himself thousands of miles away from his family in a rehab facility.

Maranda was able to hear first hand how vaping changed his life for the worse and understand how it impacted his family. His mother Carolyn had the opportunity to share her side of the story with us and get a first hand account of how a parent deals with tough situations like this.

To view the full interview with Casey and Carolyn see the videos below.

Parent Perspective: Carolyn’s full interview

Teen Perspective: Casey’s full interview

A look into Casey’s life before rehab:

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