Experiencing the Olympics in virtual reality

Winter Olympics
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PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (WCMH) — Virtual reality isn’t new technology, but what happens when it gets mixed with the Olympics?>>Watch the video report here.

While it doesn’t replace physically being at the Olympics, virtual reality can offer its users a chance to experience the games in 3-D.

“We’ve been doing a series called ‘Be the Athlete’ where we position cameras on our athletes to allow a viewer to put themselves in the shoes of an athlete and actually experience what they’re seeing,” said Matt Millington with the Olympic Broadcast Services.

From VR speed skating, to VR bobsled, users can experience an Olympic event. But is it realistic?

“VR is still in its early stages. I think we’re getting there,” Millington said. “I wouldn’t like to say that you really are transported into the thick of action.

At the International Broadcast Centre at the Pyeongchang Games, there’s a digital showroom where people can play with a lot of new technological toys.

“What we’re offering here in Pyeongchang is one live sport per day. And we are also offering highlights from extra sports per day,” said Millington.

There are a total of six cameras for each live broadcast, and it takes 40 people to provide the service to the public. Oh, and there’s an app for it.

“Our intention is the viewer is always able to see the coverage of the games in context,” Millington said.

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