PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Fans at LMCU Ballpark enjoyed Saturday night’s Whitecaps game without having to wear a mask for the first time this season.  

“Feels really good,” said Jamey Brisboy, who enjoyed the game with a pair of friends. “There’s a freedom of being somewhat normal again.”

LMCU Ballpark is following Michigan’s updated mask guidelines, allowing all fans to take off their masks in open air areas. However, fans still must wear a mask in certain spaces within the stadium. 

“When fans enter inside areas of the park, the CapSized Shop to get apparel or souvenirs, restrooms or the Pepsi Stadium Club — we got places like that are indoors, they are required to wear a mask,” said Steve VanWagoner, the director of marketing and media relations for the West Michigan Whitecaps. 

The state of Michigan announced its updated guidelines Friday, following the CDC’s recommendation on Thursday, which stated that all people could go outdoors without having to wear a mask. 

National Nurses United, the largest nurses’ union in the U.S., with more than 170,000 members, is condemning the CDC’s updated guidelines.

“This, it’s so premature, we still have, what is it, 35,000 thousand new cases everyday (nationwide),” said Jean Ross, the president of the union. “The public are all potential patients. We as nurses, must tell people when they are in danger and this guideline or relaxation of guidelines, whatever you want to call it, does not keep them safer. When patients aren’t safer, we aren’t as nurses, and vice versa.”

While masks at the ballpark becomes a thing of the past, fans News 8 crews spoke to feel safe in the stadium. Attendance is still restricted to 2,000 fans and distancing in the stands is still a priority. 

“As it is right now, everyone is pretty distant,” said Brisboy. “I think they’re doing a lot of good things for safety protocol.”