PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Tuesday’s Detroit Tigers game against the New York Yankees lasted nearly four hours.

Major league baseball is looking to the minor leagues to try to fix that issue of long games.

Minor league pitchers now have 14 seconds to throw a pitch if nobody is on base and 18 seconds if there is a runner on the base. Sports fans who attend Whitecaps game this year may notice clocks have been installed in centerfield and behind home plate for pitchers to watch the time.

ESPN reports that with the pitch clocks, games have been 20 minutes faster than they were last year.

The bases are also bigger this season.

The Whitecaps have been getting use to those rule changes for the past two weeks.

Team manager Brayan Pena said it’s nothing the team can’t handle.

“Our guys are doing a pretty good job, whatever they have to do to continue to work and continue to get used to that,” Pena said. “But it’s a process where everyone feels like this is a new thing, so we just need to go out there and make adjustments. We’re going to make mistakes but at the same time we’re going to learn from those.”

Whitecaps pitcher Ty Madden said he doesn’t think it will make a big difference.

“If it makes some people happy upstairs that’s fine with me,” Madden said. “I really don’t think it’s going to make that much of a difference I think a majority of guys are faster paced anyways, so it might save a few minutes in an entire ballgame.”

— News 8’s Madalyn Buursma contributed to this report.