‘A ton of fun’: On the field with Whitecaps host

West Michigan Whitecaps

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Over the past 22 years, no West Michigan Whitecap has appeared on the field on game day more than Bob Wells. 

“It is just a ton of fun,” Wells said. “Every game’s different. I never know what’s going to happen. I get to watch baseball up close and personal. There’s just so many great things.”

Since 1997, each home game has started with Wells welcoming the fans to Fifth Third Ballpark and the players to the field.

“Everybody up and on your feet,” he says, addressing the crowd from the field. “It’s time to greet the starters for your West Michigan Whitecaps.”

As the team’s on-field host, it’s Wells’ job to entertain fans, emcee games and giveaways, and even lead the crowd in song.

He said he does it “just to know that I can entertain some people when they come out to the ballpark.”

“That I can be a part of a great experience, I hope, that means a lot — that they enjoyed the time they spent here,” he continued.

In addition to being a longtime entertainer, Wells is a longtime educator. He has been one of the most popular and successful teachers at Rockford High School for 30 years.

“Teaching is a gas,” Wells said. “I’ve had some great teachers growing up and I know the ones that I appreciated the most had a lot of enthusiasm. They brought their best game every day. I try to emulate them. I’ve learned from them. I’ve learned from other teachers that I work with now. The best part about it is the kids; it’s the relationships you get to form with these kids and you get to watch them go on to great things.”

Whether he’s at the ballpark or in the classroom, Wells likes to have fun.

“No matter what I’m doing, I’m going to have fun, otherwise it’s just not worth doing to me,” Wells said, smiling. “If I can help it, I’m going to have fun.”

He makes it fun for everyone else along the way.

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