PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — The Super Bowl LVII is quickly approaching, and chances are if you’re from Pennsylvania, you’ve been searching for the following things on Google in preparation for the big game.

Those are some of the most commonly searched Super Bowl LVII topics in Pennsylvania, according to Google Trends.

First, we’ll start with the obvious. Which team are Pennsylvanians searching on Google more?

The answer to that isn’t shocking. Eight five percent of Pennsylvanians have been searching for the Eagles on Google. Fifteen percent have been searching for the Chiefs.

The Super Bowl is one of biggest sporting and entertaining events on the year. In fact, the Super Bowl has been the final game of the NFL season since 1966. So, which cities in Pennsylvania are interested in the big game?

According to Google Trends, Philadelphia is ranked number four out of all the cities in the United States in terms of overall interest in the Super Bowl. Erie follows closely behind, ranked at number five.

The city in the United States that has the most interest in the Super Bowl is Kansas City.

This Super Bowl will feature the first matchup between two brothers. Jason Kelce for the Eagles and Travis Kelce for the Chiefs.

Which Kelce brother is Pennsylvania more interested in? The answer would be Travis Kelce. In fact, the United States as a whole is more interested in Travis Kelce, 71% of Americans have been Googling him, while 29% have been Googling his brother.

The two main quarterbacks matched up this year, Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes, have been gaining a lot of interest on Google this year. According to Google Trends, this will be the first time that two black quarterbacks are matched up.

Which quarterback is Pennsylvania more interested in? Well, it’s hard to say. All of Pennsylvania, except Philadelphia, is more interested in Patrick Mahomes, with 93% of Midstate fans Googling Mahomes. In Philadelphia, Hurts is more popular, with 57% of fans searching for Hurts on Google.

Andy Reid, who was previously the head coach of the Eagles, is the current head coach of the Chiefs. Pennsylvania is very interested in Reid, ranking number three out of states that have been Googling Reid the most. Kansas ranks as the number one state currently.

As you can imagine, Philadelphia fans are very curious to learn more about Reid, since he was once affiliated with the Eagles. These are the top questions that Philadelphia fans have been searching for in regard to Reid.

Some people only watch the Super Bowl for the Halftime Show. This year Rihanna will be headlining the show, following previous performers such as Bruno Mars, Madonna, Beyonce, and Justin Timberlake.

Is Pennsylvania interested in the Halftime Show? Well, Pennsylvanians are. Just not as interested as other states. Pennsylvania ranks number 10 in out of all the states in terms of interest in this year’s Halftime Show. Kansas is the most interested in the Halftime Show.