Playoff Picture: There’s Still a Chance for the Pack

The Big Game

Heading into the season, no one could have predicted the Green Bay Packers would be 10th in NFC standings with five more games to play.

Not only that, they are sitting in 3rd place in the NFC North division.

It’s difficult to think about when Aaron Rodgers has 20 touchdowns and one interception this season, but his completion percentage is down.

Of course national commentators have gone out of their way to point out that it might be his style of play affecting Green Bay’s changes overall. 

To those comments, Aaron Rodgers said, 

“I don’t put a lot of weight on a pundit on ESPN talking about fundamentals. I listen to my quarterbacks coach, my offensive coordinator, and my head coach.

I study myself.  I’m very critical of my own film.

I’m not playing any differently fundamental-wise.  You can’t have it both ways. You can’t love it when it’s a certain way, and then critique it when it’s the other way.”


However, one of the biggest bright spots on the roster this season has been the play of wide receiver Devante Adams.

He’s on pace for what could be one of his greatest seasons in Packers history in terms of catches, yards and touchdowns.

But like Rodgers, Adams is more concerned about the team success rather than individual achievements. 

“Obviously, setting the record in a really historic place like this, it means a lot and it would mean more to be able to do it here, but especially with all the greats before me and all that, it’s like I said, we gotta get those wins and that’s when it will make it feel a little more sweet.”

Right now, nothing would be better than to close out the final five games of the year with hopes of at least getting a wild-card spot.

But with the way the NFC is shaping up, the Packers would have to hurdle at least four teams and get into the sixth and final spot.

But that’s with Green Bay winning all five games.

So will the Green Bay Packers be big game bound?

We’ll know more Sunday when they take on the Arizona Cardinals at a snowy Lambeau Field. 


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