WALKER, Mich. (WOOD) — A Walker teen will be attending the Super Bowl this year with the help of Make-A-Wish and the NFL.

Jestin Schulte, 19, is in Arizona with his parents for the big game and will cheer for the Kansas City Chiefs. But his dream of making it to the Super Bowl wasn’t always certain.

“When I first put my wish in, they didn’t know if it would happen because it was during COVID time,” he said.

Courtesy Schulte family

His battle with bone cancer required extensive treatments.

“Like 10 months to a year journey of chemo with my osteosarcoma and it was definitely a struggle during that time,” said Schulte.

He had two major surgeries including replacing part of his femur and removing his fibula.

“It’s a great feeling to be over with all of that. I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone,” Schulte said. “I just got my year cancer free checkup physical, and my leg is getting better every day.”

His parents Steve and Jane Schulte have been by his side during his treatment and will be with him at the game.

“It’s amazing to see him smile when we got to tell him that he does get to go to the Super Bowl. Being in and out of the hospital I think it was like a total of 34 weeks between his sickness, his surgery, all his chemo treatments,” said Jane Schulte.

After his health struggle, Jestin Schulte, now a freshman at Grand Valley State University, decided to pursue a career as a physician assistant, who was the first to discover something was wrong that led to his cancer diagnosis.

“We found out like there was a whole in my leg, practically,” Jestin Schulte said.

He was one of the 17 selected by Make-A-Wish to travel to Arizona for the game.

“We have an agenda with stuff to do every single day,” he said.

Jestin Schulte will get a behind the scenes tour of the stadium and will attend the NFL Honors awards. His family said none of this would be possible without the generosity and work of so many.

“Make-A-Wish, we would like to thank all the people at DeVos for caring for Jestin and everybody involved. Families, neighbors, everybody who supported Jestin,” his father Steve Schulte said.