Born a Chiefs fan: Woman born during team’s conference title win 50 years ago

The Big Game

ROSE HILL, Kan. (KSNW) – For one Rose Hill woman, the love for the Kansas City Chiefs dates back to the moment she entered the world.

Jan Lewis gave birth to her daughter Cheryl Scheer 50 years ago on January 4, 1970. It’s also the same day the Chiefs won a conference title game.

“I had my folks out for dinner that day and we were going to watch the game and then I went into labor,” said Lewis.

Scheer was born in Bonner Springs during that game. The local newspaper wrote an article about it and they have kept it all these years.

“Just as the Chiefs cinched the victory,” Scheer reads, “That sent them to the Super Bowl, Cheryl Elaine made her touchdown on the planet Earth.”

But Lewis remembers the events unfolding slightly differently.

“The doctor and my husband were watching the Chiefs game and I knew she was coming. She was here before they ever came back in the room. I know,” laughs Lewis.

Scheer said she always knew she shared her birth with a Chiefs playoff win and pulling the article out a few days ago helped remind them it was during their biggest win in franchise history.

“I think it was more exciting telling my kids because they really didn’t know I was born on such a really big event for the Chiefs,” said Scheer.

The family hopes this year they’ll go all the way again making for the perfect 50th birthday gift.

“This is going to be the year,” said Scheer.

“This is going to be it,” said Lewis.

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