2 legends have attended every single Super Bowl

The Big Game

TAMPA, Fla. (NEXSTAR) — George Toma and Jerry Green have never thrown a football, scored a touchdown or made a tackle.

But they are Super Bowl legends. They are part of a tiny fraternity of people that have worked in every single Super Bowl.

Toma has been the NFL’s go-to-guy for Super Bowls. He gets the playing surface in perfect condition.

“My theory is the cheapest insurance for an athlete — from kindergarten to the professional level — is a good safe playing field,” Toma said.

Green is the only newspaper journalist to cover every single Super Bowl.

“I don’t like retirement,” said Green, who spent the bulk of his career at The Detroit News and has continued writing columns for the paper even after retirement.

The 92-year-old was planning not to come this year but decided to keep the streak alive.

“I got a call from the league a couple of weeks ago, and I was told they’d like to have me here. The league has never done anything like that before and I’m honored,” Green said.

Green was concerned about COVID-19 and fought the virus at Thanksgiving. But he has received his first vaccination. As the Big Game neared, he felt pulled to come.

“It’s a matter of survival. It’s a matter of pride. I think Super Bowls have defined my career,” Green said.

He’s not sure if Sunday will be the last game he covers. He’d like to see the new stadium in Los Angeles next year. But there is one thing he’s sure of — watching this game from home was not an option.

“If I had not come here, I think I would have been going berserk by now,” he said. 

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