USC held its Pro Day on Tuesday ahead of the 2023 NFL draft, but conditions were glum in Southern California. Amid a rainstorm, the Trojans’ practice facilities were completely overrun with water.

Despite the inclement weather, the program opted to conduct some of its Pro Day on the outdoor field as scheduled. While the Trojans have an indoor facility, according to Brett Kollman of The Film Room, it’s not large enough to do a 40-yard dash. 

USC was able to section off a drier area of the field to conduct the 40-yard dash, which some players chose to participate in. Others, including top receiver prospect Jordan Addison, opted out of running.

The program held much of the Pro Day in the indoor facility, unavailable to media, according to Bridget Condon of the NFL Network

USC had a total of 15 players scheduled to partake in drills at their Pro Day, with at least six expecting to be drafted.

Video of the field indicates just how bad the conditions were, as the puddle-ridden playing surface was completely soaked.

Of course, the water-logged field could have a negative impacts on the results for players in their drills. 

Despite that, players were still outside, giving it their all. Running back Travis Dye, projected as a late-round pick, could be seen running the 40-yard dash on a section of the field that seemed relatively dry. 

It’s not the first time the usually-sunny USC has had a rainy Pro Day. Back in 2018, Sam Darnold and the rest of his had to battle the weather during their Pro Day in conditions that were similar to the ones on Tuesday.