The Detroit Lions' defensive performance against the Chicago Bears did not go according to plan for most of the game. 

But when the offense needed a stop late in the fourth quarter, Detroit's defense stepped up at the most critical moments of the game. 

Veteran cornerback Cam Sutton expressed postgame Detroit's defense understands the importance of executing in critical moments. 

Needing a stop, Aidan Hutchinson was able to knock the football out of the hands of Justin Fields, which gave the Lions a safety and the eventual victory against their division rival. 

"Every time you step out between those white lines, you got an opportunity to affect the game and be a difference on us coming out on the better half and obviously winning games," Sutton told All Lions. "Like I said, you're going to have success, you're going to have failures. We're not going to get everything right. We're not going to execute every time. Obviously that's the goal, is to do that, but other teams get paid to do their job and they're going to make plays with things too. So, we're just fighting for every blade of grass from a defensive perspective -- limiting points, getting off the field, especially in these critical moments, when we have to just to give our offense more opportunities to do what they do with the ball. Just overall, a great win, man. Just a great win." 

Having been part of successful teams in Pittsburgh, Sutton has enjoyed going to battle every week with his new team. 

"No doubt. You know, one week at a time. Again, finding a way to win games like that -- that's just obviously testing the strength of the team," said Sutton. "Yea man, the sky's the limit, man. We don't have no ceiling to what we can do. I wouldn't want to go to war with anybody else, man. We really get after it. We really hold accountability, offense defense and special teams. And we're just hungry man. We're hungry. ..." 

Rookie linebacker Jack Campbell expressed the team is ready to battle for all four quarters and has the optimal mindset in order to win games consistently. 

"It's a full fight for the full 60 (minutes). You got to lock in every single play, do your job, never get too high and never get too low," said Campbell. "Just know the ten other guys are dependent on you. And honestly, that's just the mindset I feel like everyone has on this team. I'm just lucky to be a part of it." 

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