After helping the Seahawks defense shut down Daniel Jones and the Giants, Seattle rookie cornerback Devon Witherspoon kept it short and sweet while giving a post-game analysis of the quarterback’s play.

Jones, amid his and New York’s slow start, floundered again en route to a 24–3 home loss that saw him take 11 sacks and turn the ball over three times. But, while Seattle shined as a unit, it was Witherspoon who turned in a show-stealing effort, finishing with a 97-yard pick-six, two sacks, three QB hits and seven tackles.

When asked after the game what Seattle’s D saw on the field, Witherspoon proceeded to praise the coach’s game plan before the newcomer dropped a brutally honestly one-liner about Jones’s tendencies.

“We knew he liked to stare down his first target,” Witherspoon said. “So, he had his back turned, a lot of guys [were] just winning their one-on-one matchups up front, man, shout out to our D-line. Without them, we couldn’t have made the plays we made.” 

As Witherspoon noted, the Seahawks defensive line affected Jones throughout the lopsided contest, allowing the former Illinois standout and the secondary to hold the QB to a modest 27-of-34 for 203 yards.

With Week 4 in the books, Jones and the Giants (1–3) will have to return to the drawing board to figure things out, even though it already seems that at least one team may have given the rest of the NFL the blueprint to future success.