PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Fans gathered in the hundreds on Thursday to watch one of the most competitive fields the LPGA tournament has seen in years, and there were quite a few eyes on Brittany Lincicome.

She has been playing on the LPGA tour for almost two decades, making her one of the most experienced golfers on tour. But her game has changed a lot in recent months, leaving a lot of moms and golfers inspired.

While she might not understand the game of golf yet, Lincicome’s 2-year-old daughter Emery is undoubtedly her biggest fan. 

“She literally knows my golf clothes. I go to put them on, and she says ‘oh, Mommy’s going to play golf,’” Lincicome said.

Soon, it won’t be just Emery watching from behind the ropes. Brittney is bringing another addition into the fan club this year. 

“We’re super excited for the future but it’s going to get busy here for sure,” she said. 

At 28 weeks pregnant, Lincicome is expecting her second child in September. So far, she hasn’t slowed down, competing throughout her entire pregnancy. 

“Just getting tired towards the end of the round. Sometimes you make one or two lazy swings, not even thinking about it. It’s funny I did that last week, and my caddy was like ‘oh it’s probably just lazy pregnancy’, but then I was like ‘shoot, I really got to focus and make an effort at every shot,’” Lincicome said.

Lincicome still finished in the Top 10 at last week’s Shoprite LPGA Classic. Although sometimes when she doesn’t have the performance she hoped for, all she has to do is look beyond the ropes to be reminded of what she’s really playing for. 

“Having a bad round of golf isn’t the end of the world anymore, there’s obviously a bigger picture. My family’s healthy, everyone is doing great, we’re just out enjoying the game of golf that we love,” she said.

Lincicome still has two more events before wrapping up the season to go on maternity leave — but she’s planning on going out with a bang.