KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — Of all the curlers nationwide, only the best of the best made their way to Kalamazoo for the Mixed National Championships. 

“It’s always special to have the opportunity to play for USA,” Olympian curler Matt Hamilton said. “It’s even better (to compete) with your sister.”  

Hamilton chose his sister, Becca, to be his partner long before becoming a gold medalist.    

“I kinda just dragged her out on the curling ice when we were kids, and all of a sudden she’s better than I am!” Matt Hamilton said.

He picked a good one, as Becca Hamilton is a two-time Olympian and two-time national champion. Together, they’re tough to beat, winning two national mixed curling championships, and competing together at the 2018 Olympic Games.

“Nobody is prouder than my mom, my mom is so into it,” Matt Hamilton said.  “We love the opportunity, but to watch my mom and dad glow when we play good? They love it.”  

As they compete for a third national title, the success is great, but out of all the curlers nationwide, Matt Hamilton’s choice for a partner is more than a teammate.    

“We live in the same town, I’ll hit her up to grab a beer and throw some stones. We’re not just teammates, we’re good buddies and she so happens to be my sister,” said Matt Hamilton.