DETROIT (WOOD) — The USFL is once again changing its game rules to separate itself from both the NFL and other football leagues.

The new rules for the spring football league will include moving the kickoff spot back, changes to how fumbles are awarded and giving teams an emergency third quarterback during games.

“In 2023, we’re taking it one step further with new innovative rules that will keep fans more engaged and entertained while collectively being good for the game of football that we all love,” USFL head of Officiating Mike Pereira said in a statement.

A full breakdown of the new rules added this season is below:

  • Kickoffs will be held from the 20-yard line to increase the likelihood of big returns. The ball was kicked from the 25-yard line last season and there was an 81% return rate.
  • Fumbles that are made in the field of play and roll out of the back of the endzone will be given back to the fumbling team at the spot of the ball getting loose. Traditional rules would reward a touchback to the defense.
  • Each team this season will be allowed to bring an inactive emergency third quarterback to each game in case of injuries. However, there are stipulations. If the third-string quarterback comes into the game in any of the first three quarters, the first two quarterbacks are not allowed to return for that game. If the emergency quarterback enters in the fourth quarter, then any passer can reenter during the remainder of the game.

Last season, the USFL introduced changes to traditional football rules including giving teams the chance at double forward passes, three-point conversions after touchdowns and overtime shootouts. Those rules will remain intact this season.

The first game of the season kicks off between the Philadelphia Stars and Memphis Showboats in Memphis, Tenn. Saturday at 4:30 p.m.