TOKYO (NEXSTAR) — You know you’re a big deal when they name things after you.

Gymnasts earn that honor when they are the first to land a new trick in competition.

So far, Simone Biles has four maneuvers named after her.

“It just means she’s ambitious, she’s willing to try new things. She’s really just paving the way for the next quad and the next couple of quads we’re going to see. So many skills that she’s done and see so many new athletes doing those skills,” NBC gymnastics analyst Laurie Hernandez said.

Tim Daggett, who also analyzes gymnastics for NBC, says he would put Biles on his “Mount Rushmore of gymnasts” because with her athleticism, she does things people typically wouldn’t dream of.

“She is so far and above better than everyone else, it’s just remarkable,” Dagett said.

In fact, Biles is such a big deal that she has her own Twitter emoji. Fittingly, it’s a goat.

Hashtags using Biles’ name are being accompanied by a cartoon goat wearing a red sparkling gymnastics leotard. The Twitter emoji follows the acronym GOAT, meaning “Greatest of All Time.”

“You look at GOATS over the years and they always have contemporaries that are kind of in their league, and there’s always discussion, debate. But Simone, she has no peers,” Dagett said.