TOKYO — As news spread that a group of athletes and staff violated strict COVID-19 protocols by holding a drinking party in the athletes’ village Friday, the International Olympic Committee launched a full investigation. 
Four days later and it seems the investigation into the late-night drinking party has reached its final stage. While the IOC remains tight-lipped on what country violated the rules, Tokyo 2020 spokesman Masa Takaya says a punishment has been given.

“We were able to identify those involved and issued our strict, strict reminders to those embassies,” says Takaya.

According to the Olympic playbook, athletes are forbidden from consuming alcohol in groups and can only drink alcohol when alone and in their rooms. The nation represented by these athletes told the IOC a punishment has been given.

“According to this embassy they decided to let the athletes who already finished with their competitions to send back to their home immediately,” says Takaya.

It is unknown if all athletes involved were finished competing or if those still active were allowed to stay but the IOC considers the matter closed.

The IOC says the country represented by the violators will face additional punishment from their delegation once they arrive home.