ROCKFORD, Mich. (WOOD) — Although it’s the start of the high school fall sports season, the temperatures outside feel very much like the height of summer.

Brent Cummings, the varsity football coach at Rockford High School, provided some safety reminders he has to help keep student-athletes safe in the heat.

First and foremost, Cummings said it is important to drink a lot of water. It might seem simple but keeping hydrated throughout the day and during practice is key to preventing heat exhaustion.

If possible, Cummings suggests coaches should host morning practices to avoid practicing at the hottest points of the day.

If an athlete does become sick from the heat, Cummings said they would start to get sluggish, and their performance intensity will drop.

“It’s real dangerous if they start to act confused. That’s a real big danger sign,” said Cummings. “That’s a life-threatening, you know, deal. You can’t take it lightly.”