GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Alex Rose, an Olympian from Grand Rapids, is getting ready for another round of Olympic Games. This time Tokyo 2020.

Rose, who will throw discus for Somoa, is on sabbatical leave from his job so that he can focus on the Olympics this summer.

During his break from his job, he had the Olympic rings tattooed on his forearm at Screaming Needle in Allendale.

Alex Rose getting the Olympic Rings tattooed on him.

He had planned on getting the tattoo after the Rio Games, but he had a tough experience in his first Olympics — an injury. He also wasn’t proud of what he had accomplished.

Now that he’s made his second Olympic team, that feeling has changed.

“After the games, I didn’t feel like getting the rings tattooed. I dreamed of doing it, but I wasn’t proud of it at the time,” Rose said. “But four years later, qualifying for my second Olympics, I realize it’s something really important to me. And I’m very, very glad that I got it done.”

The Olympic Rings that Alex Rose got tattooed on him.

Since Somoa doesn’t have the budget of the US Olympic team, Rose, is also using his sabbatical to raise funds for his training and travel by selling hoodies, t-shirts and long sleeve shirts.