(WFRV) — The Manitowoc Lincoln high school football team boarded the SS Badger Car Ferry on Wednesday afternoon to travel to Michigan to face off against new cross-shore rival Mona Shores in the first “Battle of the Badger” game.

“I think it was about two summers ago. I’m looking out on the lake and I said, ‘Wouldn’t it be interesting to have the opportunity to connect with a school?'” Lincoln head coach Greg Enz said. “I think our idea was if we’re going to do this, we want this to really have a feel that makes the kids experience something more than just the game. You’re on a boat ride for five hours, for goodness sake, you’re going to have a lot of bonding time.”

Not only was this a chance for the players to play in a unique game atmosphere, it was a chance for all of them to make a memory for a lifetime.

“This is going to be pretty cool to watch and see how we come together as a team and play football,” senior guard Talon Bubolz said.

“I haven’t rode a ferry yet,” senior defensive lineman Phoenix Jonas said. “It’s going to be the first time and it’s going to be a great experience doing it with my friends.”

The community has supported the Battle of the Badger project fully, helping out with funds for the trip to happen. The school and whole city told WFRV, WOOD TV8’s sister station in Green Bay, Wisconsin, that they want to continue the special series for many years to come.

“If we’re able to represent ourselves and show the best face of who we are as a community and as a school, that’s what we want to do. We want them to gain from this experience so when they get older, they know how to act, they know how to treat others and they know how to use the sport for the better of them as people,” Enz said.

There will be a traveling trophy for the winner of the Battle of the Badger each year.

Manitowoc Lincoln and Mona Shores are set to face off at 7 p.m. Friday at Sailor Stadium. See highlights on the Football Frenzy at 11 p.m.