ALPINE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — While a typical high school senior may read at a college level, Peyton Mull had already reached that milestone even before he started grade school. In fact, he skipped that year, and went right to first grade, which means he is now starting his senior year at Kenowa Hills High School at just 16 years old.

During his junior year, Peyton signed up for a class he assumed he would be involved in for only one semester. It was the peer-to-peer learning program, which matches up typical students with kids who have different abilities. Peyton quickly discovered how much he loved the program and made the decision right away to join for a second semester.

“I think the relationships I’ve built with the two peers I’ve had now, from each semester, have been so special. But not only them, also the other peers in the class that I’ve connected with,” he said.

For example, Peyton is on the varsity soccer team and the goal keeper is also a member of the peer-to-peer program.

“I’ve been able to build a really good relationship with him, and the classroom just provides really great extracurricular activities or opportunities for that. (The students) can join clubs and programs, go to school dances,” Peyton explained.

He didn’t imagine the impact joining the class would have, not only on the other students but also on himself. Being younger than most of his classmates kept him out of many of those popular activities.

“I was not always the most included in the school… In a way, we were both missing something from student life and we got it together. I think we’re helping each other in that way,” he said.

His dedication to making connections and his impressive achievements in the classroom and beyond are what make Peyton Mull our Frenzy Tailgate Student of the Week.