WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — Students at Godwin Heights High School are more than a number they are the promise of the future.

“Whatever they need, we’re here to help them,” said Grace Boersma, a chemistry teacher at Godwin Heights. “We want all students to be successful.”

Boersma helps the students reach that success. She leads Godwin Heights’ multi-tier system of support or MTSS. It is designed to curb a student’s tardiness, classroom behavior and improve their grades through personal connections with their teacher.

“They know that if I’m calling them out for something, it’s because I have such high expectations,” said Boersma, “I want you to be better.”

Boersma said MTSS is a game-changer and for some, a life-changer

“I teach mostly sophomores, and so when I see them as seniors, I’m just like, ‘oh my gosh, you are a completely new person.'”

That is precisely Boersma’s goal.

“I always want students to want to be here,” she said.

That is why she and other teachers designate a time each year to celebrate their growth.

“It’s not just teaching academics; it’s teaching that personal connection,” said Boersma.