FENNVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — Fennville High School has canceled the rest of its varsity football season, citing injuries on the team.

“We simply do not have enough healthy players to continue supporting both a JV and Varsity team this season,” Director of Athletics Wendell Hughes said in a Tuesday letter.

The junior varsity season will continue.

Hughes said the program was able to support both JV and varsity through the first four weeks of the season despite a “small number” of players. Then there were injuries to “several key players” on varsity. That meant to continue, the school would have to put too many freshmen and sophomores up against older opponents, jeopardizing the younger players’ safety.

“After evaluating the entire 9-12 roster, which consists of 84% Freshm(e)n and Sophomores, the decision was made to forego the Varsity season in favor of playing out the rest of the JV schedule,” the letter said.

Three of the remaining seniors on the team will keep practicing with the JV team and act as assistant coaches during games, Hughes said. The other two play in other varsity sports for Fennville. The juniors on the team will play JV.

Hughes said he believes there will be enough players to field a varsity team next year.

Hartford High School canceled its varsity program in August, saying it did not have enough juniors and seniors.