Family members double as caddies for LPGA golfers


PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Several of the players competing in the LPGA tour make golf the family business.

Each golfer and caddie has their own dynamic: Some caddies just carry the bag, some read the greens and give yardage, and some are like golf therapists. Family members often help golfers stay comfortable and relaxed amid the competition.

Jennifer Kupcho has had the same caddie for years: her dad.

“It’s great. He’s been caddying for me pretty much my whole life. He’s been at more rounds that I’ve played than anyone else. He definitely knows my game the best. And just nice to have him around,” Jennifer Kupcho said.

“It’s great,” her father Mike Kupcho said. “I mean, it’s a good experience. It’s a lot of fun to be inside the ropes obviously and just to see kind of what she’s thinking and going through the shots, it’s great.”

Jaye Marie Green’s caddie is her brother Matt Green.

“It’s just a comfortability thing. I love having my brother ’cause I can completely be myself and I know that he has my back no matter what. And we’re best friends off the golf course, so it makes it so much easier,” Jaye Marie Green said.

As kids, the siblings took their first golf lessons on the same day. He started caddying for her occasionally as an adult. But when she struggled in 2016, she turned to him to take the full-time job.

“I kind of know her game and know her swing, when she needs help with the swing,” Matt Green said. “Plus it’s more of a vibe, as well. It’s more of a connection out there. She knows what I’m going to say and I know what she’s thinking.”

“It’s just cool to have someone that really just knows you,” his sister said.

2017 Meijer LPGA Classic champion Brooke Henderson relies on her sister Brittany Henderson.

“I think it’s really important to have a relationship where you really say whatever’s on your mind and be open and honest. We definitely have that and we have some much respect for each other,” Brooke Henderson said.

“It’s amazing, it’s great,” Brittany Henderson said. “I mean every week is a new adventure and we’re just loving it.”

When she was on the Symetra Tour, it was Brooke who was the caddie.

“It’s a lot of fun and I think myself having being a player, having a player background, also it really helps us because I think I know what she expects of me and I think that really helps,” Brittany Henderson said. “Understanding her and when I can push her a little bit and when I need to just let her do her thing, that’s really a big part of  it.”

“It’s just really comfortable for us and it’s really special to be able to share this journey all together,” Brooke Henderson said.

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