KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — A setter can only be as good as her hitters, and a hitter only as good as her setter. It’s a cliché as old as time, much like the connection between Logan Case and Maggie King at Western Michigan.

“I have a different kind of connection having played with her for so long,” said Case. 

Case and King have been teammates for nearly 10 years. The two both played for the same club team in Ohio and the only season they haven’t played together was during King’s first year with the Broncos. Case was still a senior in high school at the time. 

“I came here a year earlier than her actually, so I kinda helped her with the recruiting process, in terms of telling her how it is here and we both fell in love with the program so that’s been really cool to be together with it,” said King. 

“It was a huge comfort for me walking in,” said Case. “I loved all of my club teammates especially Maggie, so it was super easy to know having her come in as a mentor for me made it really easy.”

They’ve been inseparable ever since, and it’s paying off on the court. Case became the first Bronco since 2008 to earn more than 3,000 career assists, while setting up King as a five-time MAC player of the week. At one point, Case led the nation in assists, and is still among the country’s top three setters.

“Logan and Maggie are tremendous players in themselves, but they bring something really special out of their teammates, and their teammates bring something special out of them,” said Broncos head coach Colleen Munson. “It’s a really good chemistry back and forth with each other.”

The two aren’t done yet. The dynamic duo will remain intact for yet another season, with King deciding to use her extra COVID-19 eligibility for a fifth season with the Broncos.

“We’ve grown together, she’s grown into the wonderful setter that she is, and I’ve grown into an outside hitter, and we’ve just been able to help each other with that growth,” said King. 

The Broncos are 16-11 this season, with their next game against Central Michigan on Friday.