GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Once the voice heard at West Michigan Whitecaps, Grand Rapids Hoops and Grand Rapids Rampage games, Jay Allen is now headed to the big leagues.

He’s about to take over as the public address announcer for the Detroit Tigers.

“I have not really had a full eight hours’ sleep in about two or three months,” Allen joked to Sports Overtime Sunday. “I wake up all the time thinking, ‘Is this real? Am I going to be sitting there at Comerica Park? Am I going to be using my voice that the good Lord gave me to expound on the greatness of the Tigers?’ So yes, I am very, very excited.”

Allen, who has recently been announcing for high school sports, said he reached out to the Tigers when he heard the job was opening up. He said he was initially told the organization was looking for someone who lived closer to Detroit, but that he should send a recording of his voice anyway.

“Two months later, I got a call, (they) said, ‘We’re still looking. Are you still interested?’ I said, ‘Absolutely!'” he recalled.

He went to Comerica Park for an audition of sorts in mid-December, then heard nothing for weeks.

“Finally, the end of February, I get this phone call. And they said, ‘If you’re interested, you’re the guy we want use.’ I said, ‘Absolutely, let’s do this,'” Allen said.

His first game is the Tigers’ home opener Thursday. He said he’s excited to see the stadium full of tens of thousands of fans.

“I believe the good Lord has opened some wonderful doors, and I’m ready to pursue this dream I’ve had for a long, long time,” he said.