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UNDATED (WOOD) — Tuesday marked the second day of the MLB Draft.

This is a list of the players picked by the Detroit Tigers through 10 rounds and a description of each:

Round 1, No. 1 overall: Casey Mize

  • Position: RHP
  • School: Auburn
  • Most recent stats: 10-5 (16 appearances), 2.95 ERA, 151 strikeouts, 12 walks

Round 2, No. 44: Parker Meadows

  • Position: Outfield
  • School: Grayson (Louisville, GA) High School
  • Most recent stats: 36 games, .342 avg, 30 RBI, 5 HR

Round 3, No. 79: Kody Clemens

  • Position: Second base
  • School: Texas
  • Most recent stats: 60 games, .346 avg, 68 RBI, 21 HR
  • Comments from Tigers Director of Ametur Scouting Scott Pleis (SP): “Obviously Kody (Clemens comes from a) great baseball family (and has) great baseball knowledge. He told you how much he has improved and worked hard on his craft, which obviously has shown on the field. (He has) done a fantastic job and had a breakout year. He is still playing and I wish him all the luck in the world too. [He has] much more power this year. (It is) very exciting to watch him. (He) plays with energy [and] is going to play on the infield. (He has) a lot, a lot of pluses and we are really excited about having Kody in the Tiger organization. I can’t wait to meet him and see him down in Lakeland.”

Round 4, No. 105: Kingston Liniak

  • Position: Outfield
  • School: Mission Hills (CA) High School
  • Most recent stats: N/A
  • SP: “(Kingston) Liniak is a high school centerfielder in Southern (California). (He is) a really athletic kid (with) good size, strength and a lot of upside in the body. (He) is going to stay in centerfield (and) can run, throw and do a lot of things. (He is) another guy that brings a lot of energy to his game and gets after it – a great make-up kid also. I’m looking forward to seeing him here shortly.”

Round 5, No. 135: Adam Wolf

  • Position: LHP
  • School: Louisville
  • Most recent stats: 8-2 (16 appearances), 129 strikeouts, 29 walks
  • SP: “(Adam) Wolf, the left-handed pitcher out of Louisville, will show you some power, but will pitch around average. (He has a) good slider, good changeup, good feel, good pitch ability, has some deception to him, knows the game, knows how to pitch and does a great job on the mound.”

Round 6, No. 165: Hugh Smith

  • Position: RHP
  • School: Whitworth University (WA)
  • Most recent stats: 6-1 (10 appearances), 1.58 ERA, 67 strikeouts, 19 walks
  • SP: “Hugh Smith (has) huge upside. He is six-foot-10, 220 (pounds). We’ve seen him up at 98 [miles per hour]. It wouldn’t shock me at all if he is throwing 100 at some point. (He is) a great athlete. He is going to have to work on his delivery a little bit – like everyone does – it is a game of adjustments. But, that is a really exciting young man there.”

Round 7, No. 195: Eric De La Rosa

  • Position: Outfield
  • School: Grassmont College (CA)
  • Most recent stats: .38 games, 434 avg, 60 RBI, 14 HR
  • SP: “(Eric) De La Rosa also a centerfielder, six-foot, 175 (pounds). He is going to stay in centerfield (and has) high upside. He had a good year this year. He stays in centerfield for the most part. If he really fills into that body maybe at one point, maybe we will make a decision there about him staying in centerfield, but he’s got a lot of room to fill out – an exciting guy there.”

Round 8, No. 225: Jeremiah Burks

  • Position: Short Stop
  • School: Fresno State
  • Most recent stats: 54 games, .340 avg, 39 RBI, 9 HR
  • SP: “(Jeremiah Burks) is a second baseman (who) can also play the outfield – a good athlete at six-foot-two, 175 (pounds). I love the upside here too. (He is) a right-handed hitter who shows power (and) can go the other way. He squares the ball up every time we’ve seen him and did a really good job this year.”

Round 9, No. 255: Tarik Skubal

  • Position: LHP
  • School: Seattle University
  • Most recent stats: 8-2 (19 appearances), 4.16 ERA, 106 strikeouts, 56 walks
  • SP: “(Tarik) Skubal, left-handed pitcher, is another good guy with control. (He has) three good pitches. (There is) a lot of upside here too. We like him. It is always nice to get a lefty.”

Round 10, No. 285: Brock Deatherage

  • Position: Outfield
  • School: North Carolina State
  • Most recent stats: 60 games, .307 avg, 41 RBI, 14 HR
  • SP: “Brock Deatherage with our 10th pick today is a centerfielder (with) plus-plus tools. He is an 80 runner with power. He has a strong arm and had a good year this year. We are excited to get him down here and see what he can do.”

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