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Which Pokemon toys are best?

Kids love Pokemon, the mashup word that means pocket monsters. The first Pokemon games were video games developed for the original Nintendo Game Boy handheld game system. Players try to capture as many creatures as possible using a Poke ball. The more monsters you capture, the higher the level you achieve. You can play the game and collect the cards, action figures, building sets and toys.

Pokemon toys are static and battle action figures of the more than 800 characters across the eight Pokemon generations. If you are looking for a Pokemon toy that lights up, moves and talks, take a look at the Pokemon Electronic Interactive My Partner Pikachu. Kids 4 and up can play with Pikachu like never before because this Pokemon companion reacts to their touch.

What to know before you buy a Pokemon toy

Pokemon toys

Pokemon toys are figures of the hundreds of fictional species of collectible Pokemon monsters. Pokemon figures are used for decoration, display and play, but are not posable.  

Pokemon action figures

Pokemon action figures are battle action figures with special attack capabilities and projectile mechanisms, like water cannons and the ability to shoot fire. Each of these tiny pocket monsters has unique designs, skills and powers. Choose from hundreds of action figures with movable hands and arms to fight battles with monsters.


Designs are inspired by plants, animals and mythological creatures. Some Pokemon creatures are capable of evolving into more powerful specimens, while others can undergo other types of changes. Pokemon creatures are commonly categorized by one of eight generations. They are also organized numerically in the in-game electronic encyclopedia called the National Pokedex. You can start with Pokemon #001, Bulbasaur and go all the way to #807, Zeraora.

Building sets

Lego and Nanoblock make building sets for older kids who want to create their own Pokemon worlds by using their own imaginations and their own hands. 

Plush toys

Little kids love to cuddle up with soft plush Pokemon characters. Plush Pokemon figures come in soft fabrics and in limited-edition shiny silver stuffed animals.

What to look for in a quality Pokemon toy

Characters in the Pokemon world

  • Starter Pokemon are the first creatures a player is able to obtain in the main series games.
  • Fossil Pokemon are the ancient characters that are obtained only by resurrecting fossils and the characters that evolve from them.
  • Baby Pokemon are the infant characters that are obtained by breeding their evolved forms.
  • Legendary Pokemon are the powerful Pokemon characters that are associated with the lore and legends of the Pokemon world.
  • Mythical Pokemon are obtainable only through special distribution events.
  • Ultra Beasts are Pokemon from another dimension.


Pokemon players take their locations with them in colorful playsets with battle areas, hidden caves, volcanoes, rock walls and streams. Look for playsets that fold up easily into a backpack so that kids can take their fun with them anywhere.

Collectible cards

These Pokemon toys help kids level up in their games, so they want to collect as many as they can. Cards are sold in sets just like baseball trading cards. Sets are mixed and include rares, ultra rares, uncommons, holos and folios. You can buy cards in packs of eight or 300 or anywhere in between.


No Pokemon toy collection would be complete without Pikachu, the most popular Pokemon character of all time. Pikachu has been in the Pokemon world since the very start and has experienced more battles and had to deal with more hurdles than anyone else. Pikachu is able to evolve into one character after another. Pikachu is known as the mascot of the Pokemon world.

How much you can expect to spend on a Pokemon toy

Individual Pokemon figures start at $10 and the prices increase with the rarity of the Pokemon. Pokemon battle figure multipack collections cost from $30-$60. Pokemon playsets cost between $30-$50.

Pokemon toy FAQ

With so many Pokemon toys to choose from, where do I start?

A. One way is by buying some version of Pikachu, the most iconic of all the Pokemon creatures. Another good way to start is with a collection of a dozen or more Pokemon battle figures.

What are Pokemon plush toys made of?

A. The commonly used term is poly fiberfill. It is a soft polyester fabric that has been shredded so it feels like soft, fluffy cotton. 

What are the best Pokemon toys to buy?

Top Pokemon toy

Pokemon Electronic Interactive My Partner Pikachu

Pokemon Electronic and Interactive My Partner Pikachu

What you need to know: Kids 4 and up can play with Pikachu like never before. This 10-inch ultra-soft plush Pokemon companion toy moves and talks.

What you’ll love: Touch any of the three sensors and Pikachu’s cheeks and tail light up with super-bright LED lights. His arms and ears move and he speaks 20 different expressions and responses, like “Pika! Pika!” The most iconic of all the Pokemons comes to life with more than 100 different interactions. 

What you should consider: The three LR44 batteries are included.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Pokemon toy for the money

Pokemon Official Squirtle Clip N Go

Pokemon Official Squirtle Clip N Go

What you need to know: This Pokemon toy comes with a squirtable action figure and Poké ball.

What you’ll love: Have battles anywhere you go with this ball that is made to clip onto any kid’s belt. This squirt ball comes with your choice of Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Eevee and Pikachu characters. All of them are battle-ready.

What you should consider: These are very small toys.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Mega Construx Pokemon Blastoise

Mega Construx Pokemon Blastoise

What you need to know: Kids have a blast putting together this 284-piece action figure that stands on its own.

What you’ll love: The two cannon blasters actually work. The arms, legs, neck and mouth of this 12-inch swamp creature are highly articulated and capable of dozens of poses. This Pokemon toy comes with its own Dive Ball accessory. The buildable environment doubles as a display stand.

What you should consider: The simplicity of this build appeals to younger children who favor quick results over a more challenging assembly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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