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Which carrying case for Hot Wheels is best?

When you’re not displaying your Hot Wheels or launching them from stunt tracks, you need a place to keep them safe. A carrying case for Hot Wheels is an essential investment for avid collectors.

There are several Hot Wheels carrying cases on the market that come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for one to store an ever-growing collection, Hot Wheels ZipBin 300-Car Storage Cube is a smart investment since it accommodates 300 cars.

What to know before you buy a carrying case for Hot Wheels

How big are Hot Wheels?

Classic Hot Wheels are 1:64 scale models, meaning they’re proportionally smaller than the vehicles they’re designed after. On average, they measure just about 2.5 inches. They’re easy for kids to hold and are pocket-friendly, making them popular on-the-go toys. 

Types of Hot Wheels carrying cases

There are many carrying cases for Hot Wheels, which vary considerably in terms of size, capacity and materials.

  • Hard-sided cases usually have a series of individual compartments to separate Hot Wheels. 
  • Soft-sided cases, including drawstring bags, baskets and totes, are lighter and easier to carry.  
  • Suitcase-inspired cases resemble spinner luggage and may have telescoping handles. 
  • Vehicle-inspired cases, made by Hot Wheels and other manufacturers, feature various long-haulers with dedicated car compartments.

If your collection includes a broad range of Hot Wheels toys, it’s important to know that few cases, if any, will hold stunt tracks or vehicles larger than 1 to 64 scale models. Instead, you can store these bulkier toys and accessories in storage bins or toy boxes.

What to look for in a quality carry case for Hot Wheels


Generally speaking, carrying cases for Hot Wheels are usually made with plastic, polyester or nylon. To find the right case, compare the benefits and drawbacks of each material.

  • Hard-sided Hot Wheels carry cases are made with high-density plastic. These cases withstand heavy wear and tear, including a fair amount of shocks and drops. They’re the most durable options, but they’re notably heavier and may be more difficult for younger kids to carry. 
  • Soft-sided Hot Wheels cases are usually polyester or nylon, which keeps them lightweight and flexible. Some people consider them to be safer designs given their soft, rounded edges and smooth surfaces. Unfortunately, they lack the structural integrity of hard-sided plastic cases, and they tend to buckle when they’re filled. 


Most Hot Wheels carry cases indicate how many vehicles they hold, typically ranging from 12 to 300 cars. How the cases organize cars varies. Some cases have individual compartments, whereas others have a few spacious compartments that hold a dozen or more cars. Some carry cases have one jumbo compartment, like some storage bins, and lack organization altogether. 

Closure style

The most common closure styles on carrying cases for Hot Wheels are zippers, lids or snap closures. Zippers and lids are usually found on soft-sided cases. On the other hand, hard-sided cases have simple plastic snap closures or buckle mechanisms. They’re designed to be easy to open, including for younger kids that are still developing fine motor skills. 


Almost all Hot Wheels carry cases have handles or straps to be carried easily from one place to another. A few larger carry cases, particularly those that hold a few hundred Hot Wheels, may have wheels or telescoping handles like spinner luggage. As expected, these features make it infinitely easier to transport large, heavy Hot Wheels collections. 

How much you can expect to spend on a carry case for Hot Wheels

Carry cases that hold 30 or fewer Hot Wheels cost $20 and below. Those that hold 40 to 300 cars will cost $22-$40. Specialty cases, including those shaped like trucks or other vehicle-inspired accessories, cost $30-$60. 

Carry case for Hot Wheels FAQ

Can all kids use Hot Wheels carry cases?

A. Hot Wheels cars are usually designed for kids ages three and older. With a few exceptions, most carry cases are suitable for the same ages. All quality carry cases for Hot Wheels will include the recommended age range on their packaging.

Will I need to buy more than one carry case for Hot Wheels?

A. You may, depending on your storage and travel needs. Many collectors invest in a large case to store most of their collection and a few smaller cases suitable for travel. Other people who display their Hot Wheels may opt for transparent cases to display their favorite cars. 

What are the best carry cases for Hot Wheels to buy?

Top carry case for Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels ZipBin 300-Car Storage Cube

Hot Wheels ZipBin 300-Car Storage Cube

What you need to know: If you have a large Hot Wheels collection, this award-winning storage cube with handles is the best option to keep them in one place. 

What you’ll love: The soft, lightweight cube has handles and is easy for kids to move on their own. It converts to a colorful playmat and the lid doubles as a storage tray. The cube holds up well to heavy play.

What you should consider: Once the cube is filled close to capacity, it may be hard to secure the lid.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top carry case for Hot Wheels for money

How Wheels Wheel 30-Car Case

How Wheels Wheel 30-Car Case

What you need to know: A collectible design, this 30-car storage case features a lifesize wheel with signature Hot Wheels details. 

What you’ll love: The case opens to reveal individual slots for 20 cars and a spacious compartment for the rest. It’s made from high-density plastic that is durable and water-resistant. The handle and shape of the case make it easy to carry. 

What you should consider: The slots don’t prevent Hot Wheels from crashing around inside them because they’re fairly wide. 

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s and Kohls

Worth checking out

Hot Wheels 48-Car Storage Case

Hot Wheels 48-Car Storage Case

What you need to know: This 48-car case, popular among avid collectors, has a well-sized compartment for each 1:64th scale Hot Wheels. 

What you’ll love: The front of the case features a colorful design with a race car and a souped-up muscle car. It has an easy-to-use snap closure that won’t pinch little fingers. Because it’s rectangular, the case is easy to pack inside bags and luggage. 

What you should consider: Some people wished the slots were smaller to prevent cars from jostling around inside them. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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