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Which Golden Girls Funko Pop is best?

“Thank you for being a friend!” The theme song to “The Golden Girls” TV show is one of the most iconic in television history. Now you can bring home your own miniature versions of the fabulous foursome thanks to Funko. Whether your favorite is sensible Dorothy or sassy Sophia, sexy Blanche or sweet Rose, you can find a Funko Pop to add to your collection. If you want aFunko Pop set that includes authentic, detailed versions of all four characters, then serve up the cheesecake and celebrate with the Funko Golden Girls Pop TV Action Figures Collector’s Set.

What to know before you buy a Golden Girls Funko Pop


“The Golden Girls” is a critically acclaimed comedy television show that aired 1985-1992 on NBC. The characters, four women living out their golden years together in a house in Miami, are some of the most celebrated and beloved in television history. Their personalities were different, but they meshed together to create comedy genius.

  • Dorothy Zbornak, played by Bea Arthur, is sensible and sarcastic, often exasperated by the antics of her housemates, but who loves them anyway.
  • Sophia Petrillo, played by Estelle Getty, is Dorothy’s mother. She has no filter and tells it like it is with her no-nonsense attitude.
  • Rose Nylund, played by Betty White, is sweet and naive, and often the butt of the joke because of it.
  • Blanche Devereaux, played by Rue McClanahan, is a sexy Southern belle, who is always looking for her next romantic conquest.

Facial expressions and style

Funko has done an incredible job of incorporating the women’s style into their Funko Pop versions, using great detail to recreate their hairstyles, makeup, clothing and accessories. In the original Golden Girl Funko Pop series, serious Dorothy has her typical irritated expression with her annoyed eyebrows and crossed arms. She wears a black-and-white suit, with silver earrings to match her hair. Sexy Blanche wears bold red lipstick and stands confidently with her hands on her hips. She sports a red jumpsuit with totally 1980s mismatched earrings and silver open-toed shoes. Innocent Rose has a sweet expression on her face. She wears a demure blue dress with matching shoes. Wisecracking Sophia stands clutching her purse in her oversized lavender glasses. She wears a pink suit with white shoes. Although the outfits are different in Series 2 because they are in bowling uniforms, their unmistakable facial expressions are the same.


Funko has two Golden Girls series. The first contains the classic versions of the characters. The second is based on the Season 1 episode “The Competition,” in which the women compete in a bowling competition. Blanche, Rose and Sophia wear pink-and-black uniforms, while Dorothy wears a blue-and-yellow one. All of them are posed in typical bowling stances.

Other Funko Pop products

Besides the vinyl figures, you can find products with stylized Funko Pop versions of the Golden Girls, such as Pez dispensers, strategy games, enamel pins and even boxes of cereal. They are cute and cool, and make unique gifts for fans of the show.

What to look for in a quality Golden Girls Funko Pop

Four-figure sets

The Golden Girls were inseparable and their Funko Pop versions should be, too. You can find sets of all four women, so you don’t have to choose.


Funko issues special versions of its figures that are variants on the originals. Look for special Diamond Collection versions of Rose and Sophia from Books-A-Million and FYE, respectively. The women are dressed in their traditional clothes with a glittery finish that makes them sparkle.

Mint condition

Sometimes, people sell their Funko Pops, and they are not in mint condition. If a product is mint, it means it is like it is new. When buying online, beware of Funko Pop descriptions that say, “not mint.” This could mean there are imperfections in the product because it is used or the box is damaged. Funko fanatics know that neither of these is acceptable in a collection.

How much you can expect to spend on a Golden Girls Funko Pop

Expect to spend $11-$48 depending on whether you buy a single Golden Girl or a set.

Golden Girls Funko Pop FAQ

How big is a Golden Girls Funko Pop?

A. Most Funko Pops are 3.75 inches tall.

How can you protect your Funko Pop?

A. You can leave the figure in the box, which looks great for display. You can also remove it from the box and put it in a display case, in or out of the box. Many stores carry cases made especially for a Funko collection.

What’s the best Golden Girls Funko Pop to buy?

Top Golden Girls Funko Pop

Funko Golden Girls POP! TV Action Figures Collector's Set

Funko Golden Girls Pop TV Action Figures Collector’s Set

What you need to know: This set of 3.75-inch individually boxed Dorothy, Sophia, Rose and Blanche POPs! is the first series in the Funko collection.

What you’ll love: These figures capture the signature styles and iconic personalities of the Golden Girls.

What you should consider: Some people said the figures are top heavy and had trouble getting them to stand on their own.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Golden Girls Funko Pop for the money

Funkoverse Strategy Game - The Golden Girls

Funkoverse Strategy Game – The Golden Girls

What you need to know: This light strategy game is suggested for ages 10 and older. It is a two-player game with a playing time of 20 minutes.

What you’ll love: This game has two playable maps including the Golden Girls’ home and the Florida Boardwalk. It comes with two Funkoverse Pop game figures, Blanche and Rose, who can hold a slice of cheesecake during the game. You can combine this game with other Funkoverse games for a new playing experience.

What you should consider: This game doesn’t include Dorothy and Sophia but you can buy another version of it that contains those characters with different maps, including Mr. Ha Ha’s Hot Dog Hacienda and the supermarket.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Funko TV: Pop Golden Girls Collectors Set 2 - Bowling

Funko TV: Pop Golden Girls Collectors Set 2 – Bowling

What you need to know: This set of four individually packaged 3.75-inch Pops features the Golden Girls decked out in their bowling uniforms in various bowling poses.

What you’ll love: You can recreate classic episode “The Competition” with these figures, which wear exact replicas of the bowling uniforms from the show.

What you should consider: People who like their collections to be pristine should know that Funko Pop boxes are sometimes damaged during shipping.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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