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Which Cinderella dolls are best?

Cinderella is one of the most beloved fairy tale characters of all time. She teaches children that anything is possible if they believe in their dreams. Cinderella dolls can bring some of that magic to any child’s world. Whether you prefer Cinderella in her rags or her beautiful ball gown from her fairy godmother, you can find a doll to match your favorite. As Cinderella sings, “A dream is a wish your heart makes,” and if you’re looking for a Cinderella doll that will make all of your dreams come true, the beautiful Disney Princess Style Surprise Cinderella Fashion Doll will make you feel like you said the magic words, “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!”

What to know before you buy a Cinderella doll


While Disney dominates the Cinderella doll market, you can find versions of her from other companies as well. Barbie, Precious Moments and Madame Alexander sell Cinderella dolls. Their clothes closely resemble Disney’s Cinderella. Funko has cute, stylized plush versions of the princess. Little Adventures and Emily Rose sell Cinderella doll clothes so you can transform any of your dolls or stuffed animals into the lovely princess.

Version of Cinderella

There are versions of the Cinderella story from all over the world, but one of the most recognizable ones is Disney’s 1950 classic animated feature film. Disney’s “Cinderella” introduced her iconic blue dress, and even companies outside of the Disney brand use that color for her clothing. She even wears her glass slippers so you can recreate that famous midnight scene. Disney has Cinderella dolls in her rags, her ballgown and even the Comfy Squad casual version from “Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet,” reading a book. You can also find dolls from Disney’s 2015 live-action film modeled after the lead actress, Lily James. 

Age of Cinderella

Disney has created toddler and baby versions of most of their princesses. These dolls wear child versions of the classic costumes from the films. The Disney Animator’s collection has an adorable little girl doll of Cinderella, with her curly blonde hair and big blue eyes.

Material of doll

Dolls use many materials. You can find plastic, silicone and plush versions of Cinderella dolls. Some are a mix of both, with silicone heads, arms and legs and soft bodies.

Size of doll

Dolls range in size from mini-figure dolls to Barbie height to traditional baby doll size. Some are even larger than those. 

Holiday dolls

Throughout the years, Disney has released holiday versions of Cinderella, dressed in ornate winter-themed styles of her classic blue dress.

What to look for in a quality Cinderella doll

Poseable dolls

Some Cinderella dolls are more poseable than others, with movable and bendable arms and legs that make them more realistic.


Cinderella dolls come with accessories ranging from brushes and combs for their hair to extra clothes for them to wear. Many allow you to switch between poor Cinderella and Cinderella at the ball. A few come with extras such as a stuffed Bruno the dog, a tea cart or jewelry like pendants or rings for you to wear. You can also find furniture with some of the dolls. Smaller dolls even come with coaches for Cinderella to ride in. One comes with a figure of her beloved horse, Major. The Disney Comfy Squad Cinderella comes with more modern accessories such as a scooter with a helmet. 


Cinderella comes in sets with other characters, such as Prince Charming, her Fairy Godmother, and her mouse friends, Mary, Perla, Suzy, Jaq and Gus. You can also find her in princess collections alongside other characters such as Belle, Ariel, Tiana, Mulan and other Disney royalty.

Disney Designer Collection

This Cinderella doll is a limited edition doll dressed in a gown inspired by her classic look for a masquerade ball. It is an elegant and sophisticated collector’s item.

How much you can expect to spend on a Cinderella doll

You can expect to spend $11-$200 on a Cinderella doll, depending on the brand and how many accessories it comes with. Madame Alexander is more expensive than Disney and Barbie.

Cinderella doll FAQ

Do any Cinderella dolls light up?

A. Yes. Disney sells a Cinderella doll dressed in the pink dress made for her by the mice and birds in the movie with a skirt that lights up. Mattel also has a light-up dress that plays music. 

Do any Cinderella dolls make sounds?

A. Yes. Mattel has a doll that plays music and lights up with the push of a button. A Cinderella baby doll has a bottle that plays music and lights up when you pretend to feed her. 

What are the best Cinderella dolls to buy?

Top Cinderella doll

Disney Princess Style Surprise Cinderella Fashion Doll

Disney Princess Style Surprise Cinderella Fashion Doll

What you need to know: This 12.76-inch fashion doll for ages 3 years old and up comes with 10 accessories in three different compartments to open that create a fun, unboxing experience.

What you’ll love: The Cinderella accessories set includes two skirts, two pairs of shoes, a peplum, a purse, a necklace, a hair clip, a hairbrush and a blue tiara. You can mix and match the pieces and dress Cinderella for the ball.

What you should consider: The small accessories are more appropriate for older children.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Cinderella doll for the money

Disney Princess Comfy Squad Cinderella’s Sweet Scooter

Disney Princess Comfy Squad Cinderella’s Sweet Scooter

What you need to know: This 12.76-inch Comfy Squad Cinderella doll for ages 5-years-old and up comes with a cool scooter.

What you’ll love: Cinderella wears her modern outfit with a skirt, top, headband, shoes and a matching helmet for her scooter. The toy comes with a sticker sheet to decorate the helmet and the scooter and make it your own. You can recreate the scene from “Wreck-It-Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet” when the Comfy Squad cheers on Vanellope at the Disney Sugar Rush Superraceway.

What you should consider: A handful of people said that the box came damaged.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

 Worth checking out

Disney Animators’ Collection Cinderella Doll

Disney Animators’ Collection Cinderella Doll

What you need to know: This 16-inch doll for ages 3-years-old and up is from the authentic Disney Store Animators’ Collection of princesses reimagined as little girls.

What you’ll love: This version of Cinderella has her signature blonde curls and kind and gentle blue eyes. She wears her scullery maid outfit featuring a woven bodice, a muslin apron with a patch and a matching kerchief. The puffed sleeves, collar and skirt are made of satin. She holds a mini plush pillow of Bruno the dog.

What you should consider: Some people felt the dolls should be treated more as collectibles than toys because of their delicate beauty.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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