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Which Star Wars board games are best? 

Star Wars is one of the most beloved movie franchises of all time, and fans love to engage with it however they can. Board games, video games, expanded novels and so on allow fans to bring more Star Wars into their lives long after the credits roll. Board games bring the series to life in the home and in the imagination, all the while testing the skills of the player and allowing them to interact with other Star Wars fans. 

If you can only choose one Star Wars game, Star Wars Rebellion is the best choice. It is a complex game with a lot of replayability that allows the player to rewrite the Galactic Civil War. 

What to know before you buy a Star Wars board game

Casual vs. hardcore boardgame players 

Board games have come a long way in the last couple of decades, and they have an entire subculture dedicated to them. When some people think of board games, they picture the classics like Monopoly, Clue or Risk. However, board game enthusiasts have shelves filled with board games that most people have never heard of before. When buying a board game, think about who is receiving the board game and how often they play. 

How much time do you have? 

A lot of board games will state how long they take to complete on the box. This is important since playtime can vary anywhere from 10 minutes to a full day. Some people don’t want to spend hours on a single game, while others crave lengthier jaunts that will really test them. If you are unsure about how long a game takes, try to find some online reviews or see if that particular board game has a webpage. 

Cost and expansions 

Board games are not cheap. It isn’t rare to spend up to $100 on a single game. Expansions are newer releases that add to the original game. While expansions are not necessary, some board games feature expansions that are just as fun as the base game, and collectors will definitely want them. While expansions are an amazing way to extend the life of a game, they can also end up being very costly. 

What to look for in a quality Star Wars board game

Faithful to the Star Wars franchise 

Most people playing Star Wars board games have already seen the films. Because of this, the manufacturers do their best to make the plot and theme of the board game relevant to the source material. Before buying a board game, it’s wise to think about how your prospective Star Wars board game plays off the films. Does it let you rewrite the entire history? Does it feature characters you love? Does it explore a part of the galaxy you wanted to see more of in the movies? 

Balanced gameplay

One of the trickiest aspects of making a great board game is balancing the gameplay. It won’t be very fun if one side is way more likely to win. With Star Wars, this gets even more complicated by the fact that the two sides often have different win conditions. A great Star Wars board game should feel balanced between the light and dark side and feel almost cinematic as the game unfolds. 

Great models 

Star Wars fans want to see great character models or ships like Tie Fighters or X Wings on the game board. Aesthetics really matter with Star Wars, and a good-looking game board with well-crafted pieces will really add a layer of authenticity to the experience. 

Star Wars board game FAQ

Are there board games based on the same story as the movies? 

A. There are different board games based on the events of the Star Wars films as well as more peripheral plots/characters. You can certainly experience many of Star War’s most epic battles and moments with different board games. 

Do I need to have seen the Star Wars films to enjoy Star Wars board games? 

A. Not necessarily, though watching the films will certainly enhance your appreciation of the board game. There will be a lot of techno jargon and stuff you won’t recognize, due to not having watched the films. Watching the films first will also give you more of an appreciation of the characters and the struggles they will endeavor in your board game sessions. 

What’s the best Star Wars board game to buy?

Top Star Wars board game

Star Wars Rebellion

Star Wars Rebellion

What you need to know: Jump into the Galactic Civil War, choose your side and rewrite the entire history of Star Wars. 

What you’ll love: Complete objectives with the rebel alliance or try to unravel the location of the rebel base with the empire. Use powerful leaders and choose how events unfold. Engage in space and land battles and travel to your favorite planets. 

What you should consider: While this game is two to four players, it is most fun with just two players. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top Star Wars board game for the money

Risk: Star Wars Edition Game 

Risk: Star Wars Edition Game 

What you need to know: Play through the events of Star Wars Episode VI and fight three simultaneous battles to gain ultimate victory. 

What you’ll love: This comes with great looking Star Wars themed pieces. This is totally different from the original Risk. Use moderate strategy and finish one game in under an hour. All three areas of battle can alter the game’s outcome. 

What you should consider: The Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader battle seems less strategically important than the other two battles. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Star Wars Outer Rim

Star Wars Outer Rim 

What you need to know: Choose a bounty hunter and try to accumulate more fame, all the while foiling your opponent’s plans. 

What you’ll love: This is a stat-heavy game with a lot of freedom. Choose from famous bounty hunters like Han Solo and Boba Fett. Enjoy each character’s unique playstyle and upgrade your ship and equipment. 

What you should consider: This game will be a little bit intimidating for newer players, especially those less familiar with the franchise.  

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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