Which garden gloves with claws are best?

Digging in the dirt is one of life’s great pleasures. Whether you farm for a living or harvest microgreens from a container garden on a tiny urban balcony, growing your own plants is deeply satisfying. What is not so satisfying is digging the dirt out from under your nails or patching up tiny cuts caused by stray debris in the soil. 

Protecting your hands with garden gloves goes well beyond preserving your perfect manicure, and if you want to dig in packed soil you’ll need some garden gloves with claws. Nnbb Garden Gloves With Claws are comfortable and really turn the soil over.

What to know before you buy garden gloves with claws


Gardening gloves come in a wide variety of materials, including:

  • Leather
  • Plastic
  • Fake leather
  • Cotton

While it is possible to find them in other materials, garden gloves with claws come most often in a flexible combination of latex and plastic. The gloves are thick, waterproof latex, and the claws are made from plastic.


Even though the primary use of garden gloves with claws is to protect your hands as you dig deeply into the soil, you’ll want to also consider your comfort. Since most of these gloves are made with plastics, things can get sweaty fast. 

What to look for in quality garden gloves with claws

Before purchasing gloves, consider how often you garden and for how long. This will determine what features are most important for you.


Since most people garden in warmer weather, look for breathable gloves to keep things cool. Some garden gloves with claws feature breathable, stretchy fabric on the back of the hand. 

Multiple sizes 

It should go without saying that your gloves should be comfortable, but some gardeners suffer through their chores in poorly fitted gloves. Some gloves labeled one-size-fits-all may prove too large or small. If you have had trouble with poorly fitting gloves in the past, stick to kinds with more size options. 

Adequate length

Don’t waste your money on garden gloves that stop at the base of your hand. These will not offer protection from sharp sticks or brambles as you dig in dirt. The best garden gloves with claws have cuffs that extend at least 3 inches past the base of your hand. This also lets you tuck them neatly into a long-sleeved shirt — a good thing when you’re working in an area with poison ivy.

Removable claws

With removable claws, you can turn any pair of gardening gloves into a digging machine. And because the claws are so sturdy, chances are good you’ll wear out your gloves before the claws are done. If they are removable, simply transfer them to another pair.

How much you can expect to spend on garden gloves with claws

This is one of the most affordable pieces of safety gear you’ll ever buy. A pack of two or more pairs costs $10-$40.

Garden gloves with claws FAQ

Do you have to wear gloves when you garden?

A. It’s entirely optional. However, even the cleanest soil can harbor dangerous bacteria. The most common is toxoplasmosis, which is a bacteria found in animal feces. Most gardeners will not contract a serious infection when coming into contact with toxoplasmosis. However, if you are pregnant or immunocompromised, it can be quite serious.

Wearing gloves in the garden also protects your hands from scrapes, scratches and cuts. If you are working in a reclaimed garden area, you won’t have to worry about coming into contact with sharp debris. 

Can garden gloves with claws go in the washing machine?

A. It depends on the material. Leather garden gloves should not, but other materials may be washer-safe. Leather gloves can be wiped clean with a damp paper towel, then conditioned using a leather soap or conditioning cream. Check the label on your gloves for care instructions.

If the claws are removable, they can likely be rinsed with hot water.

What are the best garden gloves with claws to buy?

Top garden gloves with claws

Nnbb Garden Gloves With Claws

Nnbb Garden Gloves With Claws

What you need to know: These are no-frills gloves that get the job done. 

What you’ll love: These one-size-fits-all gloves are unisex, waterproof and flexible. The latex is resistant to cuts and rinses off easily. They come with a carrying case and their bright green color is easy to spot if you drop them. 

What you should consider: Latex isn’t breathable, so if you’re working in hot weather, hands can get sweaty. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top garden gloves with claws for the money

Ysber Work Gloves With Claws

Ysber Work Gloves With Claws

What you need to know: With this pack you can buy a pair of work gloves for every gardener in your family. 

What you’ll love: They’re unisex and come in small, medium and large. There are five pairs of gloves and two sets of claws (eight claws total). Palms and fingers are made of eco-friendly latex foam. A longer cuff protects wrists. 

What you should consider: These run large, and even the small sizes may not fit very petite gardeners.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Famoy Claw Gardening Gloves

Famoy Claw Gardening Gloves

What you need to know: Use a pair and keep a spare — each set has its own claws.

What you’ll love: The gloves are puncture-resistant on the palms and fingers, and the claws are durable plastic. Stretchy fabric on the back of the hand keeps things cooler. They come in three colors and rinse clean. The claws can be removed and used on other gloves too.

What you should consider: Some users report that these gloves run large. Measure your hands carefully and check the glove measurements before purchasing. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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