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What are the best Adidas golf shorts?

The golf course poses plenty of challenges for the avid golfer. The swing itself is complex and requires proper fundamentals. But golf apparel plays a key role for a successful day on the links.

Golf shorts are important for hot climates and provide flexibility when swinging. Adidas is one of the leading sports apparel companies in the world and currently is embarking on an ambitious corporate effort to use recycled polyester in most of its clothes by 2024.

For their comfort and ability to be worn casually, the Adicross Futura Shorts are the best Adidas golf shorts.

What to know before you buy Adidas golf shorts 

What is the best length of golf shorts?

Adidas makes several lengths of golf shorts. Women’s shorts typically have a 5-inch inseam and sit several inches above the knee. Men’s shorts inseams run from 7 to 9 inches and fall just above the kneecap. 

How should golf shorts fit?

Comfort and flexibility are key considerations for overall golf short fit. You want shorts that aren’t too tight and let your waist and legs move freely through the swing. You also don’t want shorts that are too loose and look baggy.  Adidas offers an online sizing chart to help you find the best fit.

What is recycled polyester?

Adidas has committed to eliminating plastic waste by using recycled polyester in all of its athletic apparel by 2024. The company currently makes athletic apparel, including golf shorts, from a blend of recycled polyester, elastic and occasionally nylon.

Recycled polyester is made from recycled plastic material, such as shredded apparel remnants, plastic bottles and other discarded plastic-based products. It shares the properties of virgin polyester but requires less than half the energy to produce. 

What to look for in quality Adidas golf shorts


Adidas golf pants are made from recycled polyester or a blend of polyester, recycled polyester, elastane and nylon. Polyester is lightweight, feels soft on the skin and repels water. Elastane is a versatile polyurethane material capable of stretching over 600% of its original length.

Four-way stretching

Four-way stretching is an innovation that lets the fabric be pulled both horizontally and vertically with a quick recovery. It is designed for small, active movements like the twisting and thrusting generated by a golf swing. This maximizes overall range of motion and feels supremely supportive.

Moisture wicking

The polyester-elastic blend used with Adidas golf shorts has a moisture-wicking property that pulls sweat away from the skin through tiny tunnels in the fabric. The sweat and moisture are brought to the surface to evaporate, which creates a cooling effect that keeps you comfortable on hot, humid days. 


Adidas offers a wide variety of color choices. The Ultimate365 line has over 10 solid colors and several patterned designs. Keep in mind that not every retailer carries all the color options. You may have to explore several vendors to find the right color for you.

How much you can expect to spend on Adidas golf shorts

Nearly all are $65-$80, depending on size and style. The Ultimate365 Adjustable golf shorts are $45-$50. This narrow price window makes it easier for the golfer to find what they want.

Adidas golf shorts FAQ

Are belts required for golf shorts?

A. Belts are recommended for golf shorts with belt loops and zipper flies. They provide extra support and complete the overall look. Some golfers prefer to play beltless, though. The shorts may be tight enough in the waist to keep them lifted even while swinging and walking. And some golfers play with their shirt untucked, which covers the waistband.

Are golf shorts allowed on all courses?

A. Times have changed a lot, and most golf courses allow golf shorts. There are still a few private golf clubs and expensive public courses that have more restrictive dress codes. Contact the course you are playing to confirm that shorts are permissible.

Are skorts different from shorts?

A.  Yes, they are, but in a practical and comfortable way. Skorts are an athletic skirt with shorts attached to it. It gives the classic look of a golf skirt but underneath has the support and flexibility of golf shorts. Adidas makes multiple styles of skorts that come in many colors. 

What are the best Adidas golf shorts to buy?

Top Adidas golf shorts

Adidas Men's Adicross Futura Shorts

Adidas Men’s Adicross Futura Shorts

What you need to know: These shorts are designed to be casual, comfortable and practical both on and off the course.

What you’ll love: Made from a blend of 84% recycled polyester and 16% elastic, these shorts are lightweight with a built-in belt and elastic waist. They have five pockets and four-way stretch material.

What you should consider: There are limited color choices with this style.

Where to buy: Sold by Adidas and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Top Adidas golf shorts for the money

Adidas Men's Ultimate365 Adjustable Shorts

Adidas Men’s Ultimate365 Adjustable Shorts

What you need to know: These golf shorts are easily adjustable, with a drawcord waist upfront and elastic waistband in the back.

What you’ll love: Made from recycled polyester, they help eliminate plastic waste and keep you dry with a water-repellent coating. They have front pockets and a back pocket. The regular fit and drawcord make for easy adjusting.

What you should consider: Some reviewers said sizes ran larger than normal.

Where to buy: Sold by Adidas

Worth checking out

Adidas Women's Ultimate365 Bermuda Shorts

Adidas Women’s Ultimate365 Bermuda Shorts

What you need to know: These versatile shorts are made from recycled material and offer a stylish look on and off the course.

What you’ll love: They have a classic look, with pull-on construction and pockets in both the front and back. They are made from recycled polyester with a button closure and four-way stretch fabric. They are machine washable and come in several solid colors.

What you should consider: Some customers said the sizing ran small.

Where to buy: Sold by Adidas, Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods


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