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Baseball players are always on the move — catching fly balls, scooping up grounders, standing in the batter’s box and running the bases. Having the right shoes prevents you from slipping and keeps you headed in the right direction.

Baseball cleats have been around for over a century, and there are hundreds of choices in terms of styles and colors. Under Armour is a leading brand that manufactures cleats for all ages playing baseball, softball and T-ball. The most important considerations are grip and safety, and for its optimal traction support, the best Under Armour baseball cleats are the Men’s Harper 6 Low Baseball Shoe.

What to know before you buy Under Armour baseball cleats

Why you need baseball cleats

  • Traction is crucial: Baseball requires ultra-fast reactions by both batters and fielders as they respond to an oncoming pitch or a ball hit sharply toward them. Cleats that grip the ground firmly let you react with confidence, knowing your feet will stay planted where they are placed.
  • Injury prevention: Baseball diamonds are built with a combination of dirt and grass or artificial turf.  Flat-bottomed shoes can easily slip out from under you, causing you to fall down or twist your knees or ankles.  Wearing the proper cleats helps avoid injuries when you’re running or moving laterally.

Types of baseball cleats

There are three main types of cleat for your shoes. 

  • Molded cleats use permanent rubber studs that work on every type of surface.
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane cleats are a harder plastic that provide deeper traction.
  • Metal cleats have the most grip, but they are heavier. Many youth leagues have banned them for safety purposes in favor of rubberized cleats.

Check your league’s regulations to make sure your cleats are approved.

Baseball cleat heights

Cleats also come in three heights.

  • Low-top cleats are best suited for players who are running a lot and want to maximize their speed. Your ankles will lose some support, but you won’t be hampered by extra weight or material.
  • Mid- and high-top cleats stabilize the ankle and increase comfort, but they are heavier and will marginally limit your movement.

What to look for in quality Under Armour baseball cleats

Comfortable fit

Baseball games can last several hours. Players spend most of that time on their feet. Baseball cleats should fit comfortably and prevent your feet and legs from becoming exhausted by the end of the game. Under Armour baseball cleats are known for their breathable material and flexible designs, meant to keep your feet comfortable while keeping the traction and protection you need.


Under Armour baseball cleats are made from a combination of synthetic leather and mesh material. While breathable and flexible, they stand up well to weather and field conditions, providing both support and the freedom to move when the game situation calls for it.

    How much you can expect to spend on Under Armour baseball cleats

    Beginning low-top cleats are priced at $30-$60. Mid-top and high-top cleats with more cushion and features cost $60-$100, and cleats featuring the latest technology and cleat patterns are over $100.

    Under Armour baseball cleats FAQ

    How do I keep my cleats from wearing out from practicing?

    A. Under Armour manufactures baseball training shoes. They have a lower profile and use shorter rubber studs that provide some traction, but not to the level full cleats do. They are designed for everyday use at the batting cage or practice field. You can keep your game cleats ready for the next game and extend their life and appearance in the process.

    What are the best shoes for a pitcher?

    A. The best cleats for a pitcher are low-top shoes with metal spikes. They promote the stability of the foot you plant while still allowing full movement toward home plate or to run down a ball hit in the infield. Metal spikes are not permitted on all fields or in all leagues, so check your local guidelines.

    What are the best Under Armour baseball cleats to buy?

    Top Under Armour baseball cleats

    Under Armour Men’s Harper 6 Low Baseball Shoe

    Under Armour Men’s Harper 6 Low Baseball Shoe

    What you need to know: This great-looking shoe comes in 12 bold colors and provides excellent traction and flexibility.

    What you’ll love: The shoe offers a breathable mesh upper and internal lacing system. A molded sockliner holds the foot in place with patented cushioning for a zero-gravity feel. A 3-3-4 cleat plate is lightweight but grips well.

    What you should consider: Some buyers mentioned shipping delays that could be related to third-party distributors.

    Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

    Top Under Armour baseball cleats for the money

    Under Armour Men’s Leadoff Low Rm Baseball Shoe

    Under Armour Men’s Leadoff Low Rm Baseball Shoe

    What you need to know: Built for comfort and durability, this lightweight shoe is designed for all types of surfaces.

    What you’ll love: Made from synthetic leather, it’s lightweight and has extra perforations in the toe to breathe underneath a protective toe overlay. The heel and collar are padded for extra comfort.

    What you should consider: Some users reported concerns about the shoes wearing out over the course of a full season.

    Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

    Worth checking out

    Under Armour Men’s Yard MT Baseball Shoe

    Under Armour Men’s Yard MT Baseball Shoe

    What you need to know: These shoes are designed to feel like a sneaker while still providing the support and comfort you would expect.

    What you’ll love: The synthetic sole is long-lasting, with a molded heel and breathable toe box. It comes with a comfortable sockliner to mold to your foot. The heel pocket is padded for extra comfort and the midsole is designed for speed.

    What you should consider: There were a few reports of a weak arch support in these shoes.

    Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

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