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Which women’s snow boots are best?

There’s no reason to settle for cold feet, even through ice and snow. The best women’s snow boots will keep your toes toasty all season long. Traverse through icy streets or snow-covered terrain with confidence, knowing your socks are secure against water and cold. 

And you don’t need to sacrifice fashion for function. The best women’s snow boots will keep you safe from the elements while complementing your outfit. If you want a classic, reliable choice, check out the Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Snow Boot.

What to know before you buy women’s snow boots

Winter vs. snow boots

Much like their names imply, a snow boot is uniquely designed to be worn in the snow, while a winter boot is simply for colder weather. Winter boots may have more variety in terms of style and materials. They are not necessarily waterproof and aren’t ideal for snow. A snow boot provides optimal warmth with thick insulation and waterproof outer material. Snow boots may have more traction than your average winter boot since they are designed to be worn on slick, slippery surfaces.


Snow boots need to be warm and waterproof while remaining durable and comfortable. This is important not only for the foot area of the boot but also for the upper area covering the top of your foot. The boot material needs to be strong. Otherwise, it won’t withstand the harshness of winter or keep your socks dry. Look for nylon or even leather materials that are treated with waterproofing to keep your feet dry.


Insulation is a vital part of winter apparel. Whether you need a pair of gloves, boots or a new jacket, you want to go with the option that will keep you warmest. Wool is one of the most popular types of insulation for clothing since it offers great temperature regulation. Synthetic materials are also widely loved for their moisture-wicking abilities. When you shop for your next pair of snow boots, check the insulation to ensure your toes don’t freeze while you walk in the cold.

What to look for in quality women’s snow boots


The best women’s snow boots provide durable tread. Some soles may be engineered to offer extra traction. Check the bottoms of your snow boots before purchasing to see how suitable they will be for icy conditions. Deep grooves, raised patterns and even spikes on the bottom of the boot will keep you safe through snow and ice.


While not all snow boots are 100% waterproof, the best women’s snow boots will keep you safe from moisture from the toe to the top. Water resistance does help, but if you plan on spending a significant amount of time out in the snow, then you want a fully waterproof boot. 

Temperature rating

For extended times outside in the coldest climates, you want to be sure you go with a boot rated for the cold. It’s always better to be a tad too warm in the winter than too cold, so consider investing in a pair of snow boots rated for colder temperatures than you need. 


Style, closure type and material are all worthwhile things to consider when purchasing your snow boot, but they’re less important than the fit of your boot. When you try on your snow boots, wear the type of socks you would plan to wear — something thick that will keep your feet warm. It’s also important to consider that your feet may swell as the day goes on, so make sure your feet aren’t pinched. Your toes should be free to wiggle, but your foot shouldn’t slide around.

How much you can expect to spend on women’s snow boots

Some affordable women’s snow boots are in the range of $30 to $50, but you can pay $100 to $200 for a warm pair of snow boots with the highest-quality tread.

Women’s snow boots FAQ

How can you tell if boots are good for snow?

A. The traction, temperature rating and level of waterproofness help you know if a boot is suitable for the snow. The height of the boot should extend well above the hem of your pants and over your ankle to keep snow from falling inside. The deeper the snow, the higher you want your boot to be. 

Should I size up or down for snow boots?

A. Ideally, you shouldn’t size up or down for a snow boot. Check the sizing chart of any pair you’re considering. Try the boots on if you can before purchasing. You should be able to wear thick socks and still be comfortable.

What are the best women’s snow boots to buy?

Top women’s snow boots

Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Snow Boot

Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Snow Boot

What you need to know: Waterproof, warm and offering plenty of colors to choose from, these snow boots provide the perfect balance between fashion and functionality. 

What you’ll love: With waterproof leather and textile construction, these boots will keep your feet warm and dry. They are lightweight and insulated. They offer a luxurious, feminine appeal. These boots are true to size, so you should feel comfortable ordering your normal size.

What you should consider: Some users were disappointed with these boots when spending long hours in the snow or in temperatures well below freezing. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top women’s snow boots for the money

Bearpaw Women’s Emma Short Snow Boot

Bearpaw Women’s Emma Short Snow Boot

What you need to know: These 100% suede boots have plenty of colors and all offer a comfortable, relaxed style. 

What you’ll love: These boots are easy to pull on and sport with any outfit. A rubber sole and round toe keep you comfortable and protected. A mid-height boot and fur lining will keep your feet and legs warmer for longer.

What you should consider: If you want these boots to be waterproof, you’ll have to treat them with a waterproof spray.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Muck Boot Women’s Arctic Ice Mid Snow Boot

Muck Boot Women’s Arctic Ice Mid Snow Boot

What you need to know: Excellent traction and extended rubber coverage keep these boots waterproof and warm for snowy conditions.

What you’ll love: A strong insole gives extra support, while a fleece lining creates sublime warmth. A Vibram Arctic Grip outsole gives you superior confidence on slick, icy surfaces. 100% waterproof material means you’ll stay dry for hours while enjoying the shock absorption and heat retention properties.

What you should consider: Some customers say these boots are difficult to break in, especially around the ankle and heel area.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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