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Which birdcage stand is best?

From a canary’s pleasant singing to a macaw’s companionship and playfulness, birds make for fun, interesting pets. Their cages, however, can leave something to be desired with regards to aesthetic and their placement in your home.

Birdcage stands give you additional flexibility when it comes to choosing a location for your bird’s cage. The Prevue Hendryx Rolling Stand with Shelf provides a secure platform to place your bird’s cage, wheels for added mobility and a wire shelf for storage.

What to know before you buy a birdcage stand

Birdcage stands are available in two basic configurations appropriate for different cage styles. For a look at some birdcage stand models that are not described in this article, check out BestReviews’ birdcage stand buying guide.

Traditional birdcage stands

These stands provide a stable platform to place your birdcage on. Strong and sturdy, these are ideal for large cages that house parrots or other active, heavy birds. Many include casters that allow you to wheel the cage to a different location or easily roll it aside while sweeping or cleaning.

Hanging birdcage stands

Hanging birdcage stands provide a classic, ornate way to display your pet. These stands should only be used for light cages housing birds such as finches, canaries, budgies or other birds of small size.

Birdcage stand alternatives

T-stands or wood and metal “bird gyms” allow parrot owners to keep their pet’s main cage out of sight while still spending time with their bird in their preferred location. These pieces of pet furniture are not meant to replace a proper birdcage.

Birdcage stand tips

  • If your birdcage does not fit your stand perfectly, you can use zip ties or other means to help secure it tightly.
  • Place your cage in an area that provides enough traffic to keep your bird interested throughout the day but not so much activity that it can’t rest or sleep at night.
  • Place foam tape or strips of cabinet liner where your cage sits on the stand to further protect against sliding.

What to look for in a quality birdcage stand


A birdcage stand should provide support and stability even as your bird actively plays or exercises. A stand that easily wobbles could pose a danger to you or your pet if there is a possibility that the cage may tip over or fall off.


Manufacturers often provide stands in the same colors and finishes as their cages. Matching a stand to your cage provides a unified, intentional look. If this is not possible, consider a stand that will complement the room you intend to keep it in. Avoid painting birdcage stands, as paint chips and fumes can be hazardous to your pet’s health.


A stand on wheels will make cleaning much easier by allowing you to move the cage to sweep and mop the floor underneath it. It also permits you to move the cage into different rooms depending on where you wish to spend time with your bird.


Select a birdcage stand that has a smooth, easily cleaned surface. Too much texture or detail can allow messes to accumulate, resulting in odor and possible health risks for your bird. 


A stand made by a reputable bird supply company will be made from non-toxic, powder-coated aluminum rods or stainless steel. Avoid any stands that are painted, lacquered or covered in a plastic or rubber coating. These can be picked at and ingested by birds, leading to potential poisoning.


Select a birdcage stand that will snugly fit the dimensions of the base of your cage without any excessive sliding or wobbling. Many birdcage companies provide stands that are built to accommodate specific models. Consult with your cage’s manufacturer to find one that will ensure a perfect fit, or purchase a cage and stand sold together as a kit.

How much you can expect to spend on a birdcage stand

To purchase a high-quality aluminum birdcage stand, you can expect to pay between $60-$90. Stands made of stainless steel are available, but most pet owners do not generally use them due to their high cost and weight.

Birdcage stand FAQ

Do I need a stand for my cage?

A. Birds instinctively seek out high areas in which to perch and are not comfortable being kept at floor level. Unless your cage is already placed on a sturdy table or other elevated surfaces, a stand will keep your bird happy and your cage secure.

Do I need to be able to move my birdcage?

A. Some people keep their birds in a room that has activity in it during the day and then relocate their pets to a quieter area once it gets dark so they can rest. If your cage is in a spot that allows your pet some peace and quiet at night, moving it may not be necessary.

Will my parrot climb down my birdcage stand?

A. Probably. Parrots are highly intelligent and social animals who prefer to be a part of your activity, if not the center of it. If you are concerned about your parrot navigating the slippery metal of your cage stand, a ladder or rope can be hung for easier climbing. Never allow your bird outside of its cage without supervision, and always be aware of where your pet is in the room to avoid any accidental injuries.

What’s the best birdcage stand to buy?

Top birdcage stand

Prevue Hendryx Rolling Stand with Shelf

Prevue Hendryx Rolling Stand with Shelf

What you need to know: This birdcage stand is made of tubular aluminum, making it light enough to move easily but still provide strong support.

What you’ll love: Plastic wheels make this cage stand mobile and a breeze to clean under. Its storage shelf provides ample room for food, supplies and toys. 

What you should consider: This birdcage stand is only available in black.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top birdcage stand for the money

Yaheetech Parrot Parakeet Birdcage with Rolling Stand

Yaheetech Parrot Parakeet Birdcage with Rolling Stand

What you need to know: This cage kit includes extra supplies and a stand at around the same price as one purchased separately.

What you’ll love: This cage and stand package features multiple food and water dishes, perches, a swing and an easily cleaned cage pan. The stand itself has a handy shelf and metal wheels.

What you should consider: This cage features doors that can be slid open by clever parrots. Consider using fasteners or clips to prevent escape.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Chewy

Worth checking out

Kaytee Pet EZ Care Pet Bird T-Stand

Kaytee Pet EZ Care Pet Bird T-Stand

What you need to know: This T-stand is a great alternative for parrot owners who wish to keep their pets mobile but don’t want to move their entire cage.

What you’ll love: Tough, metal construction and a wooden perch make this stand durable even against the strongest beaks. It features a pan underneath it to catch any mess and four wheels for easy relocation.

What you should consider: Some users have found that their birds are able to unscrew the food and water bowls, resulting in spills. Best for larger birds.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and PetSmart


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