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What do you need to grow a bonsai tree indoors?

Bonsai have been cultivated for thousands of years. It may have started in China, but the art of bonsai as we know it today was refined by the Japanese. This training of mature trees into impossibly small, intricate shapes has its roots in Zen Buddhism, which may be why it’s considered a peaceful, meditative practice. Bonsai are seen as symbols of peace, patience, harmony and luck, and growing them can help open up a world of peace and tranquility.

Growing your own bonsai tree indoors requires careful tending using the proper tools.

Starting from seed vs. raising an established plant

Whether you choose to grow a bonsai from seed or raise an established plant depends on your skill level, patience and desire for control of the shape.

  • Growing from seed: “Misho” is the Japanese word for growing a bonsai from seed. It requires a great deal of patience, as seedlings cannot be shaped for a minimum of three years. If you want to start from seed, a bonsai starter kit is a good way to go.
  • Raising an established plant: Established trees are easier to care for, but the shape is already established.

Style of bonsai trees

There are five basic styles of bonsai.

  • Formal upright (chokan): The tree grows straight from the bottom, with branches getting smaller toward the top.
  • Informal upright (moyogi): This style mimics a tree’s natural twists and turns in nature, with artfully contorted and sagging branches.
  • Semi-cascade (han-kengai): This mimics a tree hanging over a cliff edge, with branches that dip below the rim of the pot without touching the base.
  • Full cascade (kengai): The tree cascades below the base of the pot. Bonsai rules dictate that it must not touch the surface that is holding the pot.
  • Slanting (shakan): This resembles a formal upright bonsai that has been blown to one side by the wind.

What an indoor bonsai tree needs

Regardless of where your bonsai starts, it needs the same things to grow. These requirements may vary, depending on the species of bonsai tree you have, so tailor each element to the plant in front of you.

  • Humidity: Most bonsai species require high humidity, which can be a challenge in colder climates. To help, position your bonsai on a tray filled with water and mist it daily.
  • Light: Indoor bonsai trees need plenty of south-facing light to thrive indoors. If you have inadequate natural light, artificial lighting can help. Make sure you activate artificial lighting for 10 hours a day.
  • Water: Most indoor bonsai come with watering instructions, but these may not match your particular indoor climate. Carefully check your bonsai and water only when it’s needed.
  • Fertilizer: Use only fertilizer designed for bonsai, and for your tree species in particular. Follow the suggested schedule, and be careful not to over-fertilize.
  • Stable temperature: Tropical bonsai typically need higher temperatures than the standard home maintains. Subtropical species might be a better choice.

Indoor bonsai trees for beginners

Some species of bonsai are easier than others for beginners to raise indoors.

  • Ficus: This is one of the most resilient types of bonsai. It’s good for beginners who routinely forget to water their houseplants.
  • Juniper: Juniper trees are easy to train with wire and a good place to start if you want to dive into the world of shaping bonsai.
  • Chinese elms: Chinese elms are good teachers of basic pruning of bonsai.
  • Broadleaf: Broadleaf trees include species such as olives, boxwood and holly. These shrub-like trees are easy to train by clipping. Beginners like them because they are resilient and can handle under-watering.

Everything you need to grow a bonsai tree indoors

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