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Which AeroGardens are best?

With all the benefits of growing indoor plants, many plant lovers are turning to AeroGarden as their smart-garden solution. With so many AeroGarden models on the market, finding the right one should be based on your needs and goals for your indoor garden. 

A great place to start is the AeroGarden Bounty Basic Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden. You’ll see results quickly and enjoy all the features of this beginner-friendly AeroGarden smart garden. 

What to know before you buy an AeroGarden

The benefits of indoor plants are well established. The Royal Horticultural Society says indoor gardening can reduce stress and improve depression and anxiety. It’s also been shown to increase productivity and attention span, so it’s a positive for the office. Indoor plants have even shown to improve reaction times for completing computer tasks. 

Physically, you’ll also notice benefits from bringing plants into your space. They’ve shown to lower blood pressure and reduce your fatigue. You may also enjoy better pain tolerance or fewer headaches. 

Because of the many benefits, millions of plants are purchased every year. However, growing them indoors can be a challenge, from picking the plants to remembering a watering schedule to providing them enough light. That’s where AeroGarden comes in. 

The AeroGarden’s unique feature is that plants are grown through aeroponics, meaning without using soil. Instead, the plants in your AeroGarden receive their nutrients through air and water that have nutrition added. 

With so many automated features — some models even connect to Alexa — you can maintain your indoor garden with ease, even from your phone when you’re out of town. Growing plants through aeroponics also can significantly reduce the number of pests you deal with and can provide you with better, healthier crops. 


AeroGarden has 15 models that range from small tabletop or countertop models up to larger, free-standing floor models. Your first consideration should be the amount of space you’re willing to dedicate to your indoor garden. 


While every AeroGarden model has a certain amount of computerization, some feature additional automations that can make your indoor gardening even easier. For example, newer models are Alexa-compatible, so you can integrate your AeroGarden into your smart-home setup quickly. 

Hands-on work

The AeroGarden gives you the joy of owning plants but cuts out a ton of work. That being said, many plant lovers enjoy working hands-on with their plants. Depending on the features of the AeroGarden model you choose, you will have more or less hands-on work. 

What to look for in a quality AeroGarden

Pod capacity

AeroGarden models have different pod capacities. The more pods your AeroGarden can support, the bigger your harvest. If you are hoping for consistent homegrown produce, you may want to opt for a model with a larger pod capacity. 


AeroGardens have integrated grow lights to help your plants grow stronger and healthier. Because indoor plants don’t typically get direct sunlight, these grow lights are crucial.

Water pump

In aeroponics, plants grow without soil. They rely instead on regular watering with nutrient water, so you need a quality water pump to circulate the nutrients. 

AeroGarden models have different water reservoirs and timers that control how often you’ll need to add water. If you plan on being away from your home frequently, a larger reservoir will give you more options for a watering schedule. This will also determine how much work you have to put into your indoor garden. 

Smart technology

Newer AeroGardens feature more smart technology. Since they’re Wi-Fi connected, you can control these models remotely, even if you’re away on vacation. The recent integration with Alexa makes an AeroGarden a seamless transition to a smart home. 

How much you can expect to spend on an AeroGarden

With such an array of models to choose from, you can expect to spend from $80 to more than $600. In the lower range, you’ll find countertop models and herb gardens that provide the joy of indoor gardening without taking up much space or requiring too much of your time. The larger, free-standing models are more expensive but can grow a larger crop of fresh produce. 

AeroGarden FAQ

What are the best plants to grow in AeroGarden?

A. The best plants for your AeroGarden depend on the model you choose. There are some geared toward herbs, others geared toward produce and some that support ornamental houseplants. 

How long do AeroGarden plants last?

A. Typically you can enjoy your plants for a few months to a year, if not indefinitely, depending on the care you provide. How long an AeroGarden plant will last depends greatly on the plant. 

How many times can you harvest AeroGarden?

A. It depends on the plant. For example, you can start trimming your lettuce crop two to three times a week as early as 3 weeks after planting. This will actually help your lettuce grow larger and stronger. Research the plants you’re growing to know the best harvesting and trimming practices. 

What’s the best AeroGarden to buy?

Top AeroGarden

AeroGarden Bounty Basic Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden

AeroGarden Bounty Basic Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden

What you need to know: Although it’s small, the Bounty Basic Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden can provide large harvests. It’s a great option for anyone looking to start an AeroGarden. 

What you’ll love: It comes with nine gourmet herb pods to get your garden started. You can grow those easily with the large display screen, automatic grow lights, water reminders and alerts for when to add the liquid plant food. 

What you should consider: You will eventually have to replace the grow lights’ bulbs, so factor that into your long-term budget. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Kohl’s

Top AeroGarden for the money

AeroGarden Sprout

AeroGarden Sprout

What you need to know: An affordable option for an indoor garden, even if you have next to no space. 

What you’ll love: The full-spectrum 10-watt grow lights will give you consistent, healthy crops. You can control the lights with the simple soft-touch buttons and you won’t forget when to feed them with the customizable plant food reminders. 

What you should consider: You’ll only have room for three pods, so choose wisely. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon, Kohl’s, Bed Bath and Beyond and Home Depot 

Worth checking out

AeroGarden Harvest Elite

AeroGarden Harvest Elite

What you need to know: One of the most popular models, the AeroGarden Harvest Elite can grow up to six plants and comes with a gourmet seed-pod kit. 

What you’ll love: The digital display is foolproof and even has a vacation mode for when you have to leave your plants for a few days. The full-spectrum grow lights can be set with a timer so you have one less thing to keep track of. 

What you should consider: The Harvest Elite only supports plants up to 12 inches, so research the plants you grow. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon, Kohl’s, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond


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