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Which copper farmhouse sinks are best?

Farmhouse sinks were originally designed to hold very large amounts of water to alleviate the frustration of the lack of running water in farmhouses, and as such can be an incredible boon in the modern era. Using copper in their construction not only adds to their inherent rustic appeal but is also naturally antimicrobial. 

The best copper farmhouse sink is the Premier Copper Products Hammered Copper Double Basin Sink. Putting aside the gorgeous design on the front of the sink, this copper farmhouse option is made from recycled 14-gauge copper and features a dual basin design for maximum functionality.

What to know before you buy a copper farmhouse sink

Gauge of copper

Gauge relates the thickness of the copper and is measured in terms of weight per square foot, with larger numbers being thinner metals. Copper is a fairly soft metal, so it must be thick enough to maintain its shape and usefulness over long periods of time. With that in mind, you usually find copper farmhouse sinks between 14 and 18 gauge, though it’s possible to find thinner 20-gauge options.

Purity of copper

The other aspect of copper you should pay attention to is its purity. In fact, if your prospective copper sink doesn’t disclose its purity, you should look for a different option, as that sink is guaranteed to have a great deal of other metals in it. The very best copper farmhouse sinks are 100% pure copper, but a percentage point or two less probably won’t hurt and saves you some money.

What to look for in a quality copper farmhouse sink

Number of basins

Most copper farmhouse sinks only have one very large basin, though several options are available in split two-basin designs. Whether or not you need two basins comes down to your intended use or how variable you want your sink’s functionality to be.

Basin split

Should you opt for a split basin, there are a few different split size options available. The majority are equal 50-50 splits, but you can also find 60-40 and 70-30 options.

Hammered vs. smooth

Copper farmhouse sinks are typically hammered or smooth.

Hammered: Hammered options are typically hammered because they’re crafted by hand. They tend to be more durable and frequently add an extra touch of rustic to your kitchen.

Smooth: Smooth copper farmhouse sinks are usually made with a machine press or mold. They’re more prone to dents and scratches because of that same smoothness.

How much you can expect to spend on a copper farmhouse sink

Copper farmhouse sinks can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, with the main variables being size, configuration, purity and gauge of copper. The most basic copper farmhouse sinks range from $400-$1,000, with mid-range options being available at $700-$1,500. The very best tend to start at $1,500 and can cost double that or more.

Copper farmhouse sink FAQ

Why do copper farmhouse sinks develop patinas, and what are they?

A. A patina is the discoloration of a metal produced by its oxidation process over a certain period of time. Copper is no exception, but unlike most other metals, it doesn’t rust. Instead, it will darken into any shade from browns to rose to a mix of greens and blues. These patinas are actually quite prized in copper sinks and frequently raise their value.

Do copper farmhouse sinks require special cabinets?

A. No, though many copper farmhouse sinks require cabinets which are short enough to leave room for the farmhouse sink’s trademark depth and capacity. There are plenty of cabinets available that are intended for use with farmhouse sinks, or you could have your current cabinets modified, should you wish to install a copper farmhouse sink in an already built kitchen.

Is it necessary to wax a copper farmhouse sink?

A. It isn’t necessary, and it’s even discouraged in certain situations. Wax can help to maintain a shine-like finish to your copper farmhouse sink, but it will also delay the development of its patina, which is rarely desired. Wax can also decrease copper’s natural antimicrobial properties.

What’s the best copper farmhouse sink to buy?

Top copper farmhouse sink

Premier Copper Products Hammered Copper Double Basin Sink

Premier Copper Products Hammered Copper Double Basin Sink

What you need to know: A gorgeous and elegant design embellishes the front of this copper farmhouse sink.

What you’ll love: The copper comes from recycled 14-gauge copper and it has a split basin for added function.

What you should consider: Some cleaners can leave spots on the surface, and it’s also quite expensive.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top copper farmhouse sink for the money

Sinkology Lange Pure Copper Farmhouse Sink

Sinkology Lange Pure Copper Farmhouse Sink

What you need to know: A smart option for anyone trying to save some money without sacrificing quality.

What you’ll love: Sound-dampening pads help to decrease any annoying clatter, and it’s protected by a lifetime warranty.

What you should consider: Some sinks have arrived with a non-copper strainer drain or no strainer drain at all.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon, Home Depot and Wayfair

Worth checking out

Sinkology Courbet Hammered Copper Farmhouse Sink

Sinkology Courbet Hammered Copper Farmhouse Sink

What you need to know: Another quality low-cost copper farmhouse sink option from a great brand.

What you’ll love: This copper sink is more durable than most, as well as being very easy to install and maintain. 

What you should consider: Using a copper cleaner for maintenance on this copper sink will leave some spots on the material. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Wayfair

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